What Do We Mean By Demolition?


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The process of demolition refers to the science and engineering of taking down buildings and other such structures which are manmade safely and efficiently. This process is different from that of deconstruction where we take down the buildings but store the artefacts. We should know that this process of demolition is not easy and it takes a lot of time and consideration. Hence, we have to make sure that we hire out good service providers for the fulfillment of this procedure.



Why is Demolition Necessary?

As said earlier the process of demolishing a building is not as easy it sounds. It is a complex process which has to take into account many factors before we can successfully start on the project. Therefore, we have to take this process into serious consideration before moving forward with our plans of demolition. We should also note that there is only a certain time when this process become absolutely necessary. Let us have a look at some of the cases where demolition is absolutely necessary for the building.

Old Buildings

Manytimes, it has been seen that people are still living in old buildings. These buildings might seem fine on the outside however the truth cannot be far from the same. These buildings have become very week from the inside and are no longer suitable for the residents to reside in. hence if you are a owner of an old building or a resident in an old building, you should not risk your lives and give the way to the promoter to demolish the building so that they can create new places to reside in.

Weakening of the Foundation

We all re ware of the evils in the society. This evil has all taken over the construction industry where it was found that many companies were taking advantage of the trust of the residents and the owners and building a weak foundation for the purpose of increasing profits. Hence this is also an important reason why undergoing the demolition process is necessary. If your building has a weak foundation then it is absolutely not safe for you to live in the building. You should make sure that you contact the right authorities of your building and take action against such discrepancies. Hence you can understand that this is also an important reason why we should undertake the demolition process.


Demolition Process

Selling the Land

Another very common reason why we find many people partaking in the demolition process is that some of them want to free up their land. This might happen because of the sudden appreciation in the value of the land or any such other matter. However, if you have a building on the plot you cannot sell the land per se. Therefore many people are often found demolishing their buildings or bungalows on heir plot to vacate the plot. This could be to reconstruct their villa or for the sale of the plot.

Governmental Changes

We have also seen many cases where the demolition procedure has been undertaken as there have been changes in the governmental directions. Hence in order to lawfully abide by the changes it is necessary for the owners of the plot to clear away the land of all buildings and villas. Therefore, this is also a very important reason why we find so many people opting for demolition procedure.

Hence as you can see these are some of the important reasons why we find the people partaking in the demolition process. There are many other reasons which may include facts such as the owner’s requirements or for the purpose of reconstruction.