Ways to Determine If a Pharmacy is Reliable



Health has become a major concern today. Blame it to the hectic and unhealthy lifestyle, junk foods, hectic work life, reduced sleep time, lack of exercise, almost nil connection with nature and so on factors are aggravating health issues. According to surveys it has been found that more than half of the world population has taken medicine in the past 30 days.  Therefore, it goes without saying how important and crucial the role of a pharmacy has become in this present day. Not only that for good medicines, over the counter pharmacist guidance, reliable stock of medicines it is indeed vital to have a trustworthy medical store within your reach. 

Many people think that the accessibility to a medical store is more important; however, it is the reputation, license and authenticity of a pharmaceutical shop which counts more. In this fast-developing age, accessibility is no more a concern, for reputed shops offer your online medicine ordering facilities, over the phone booking and delivery at doorstep.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pharma Shop: 



Choosing the right medicine shop is important and it takes into account various factors. Obviously, the reputation matters, but the qualification of the pharmacist and the availability of medicine is another important factor which you must take into account before choosing a medicine shop. For many people, there are medicines which have to be consumed daily and in the long run, thus it becomes important to choose a shop which is trustworthy. The following factors will help you choose the best pharma shop around you: 

  • Licensed Pharmacists and Technicians – One of the key parameters that you need to consider while choose a pharmacy shop is to check the license of the shop. It must be licensed by the authorities to sell medicines. Simply getting blinded by an overwhelming welcome and customer service is not enough when it comes to medication. Pharmacists in Australia need to possess definite certification and license to run a pharma shop. Make sure you check the pharmacist’s license to operate which should be in public display. You can also make a note of the license number and check the validity of the number on the Australian government portal.
  • Insurance Coverage – Getting insurance coverage for the medicines you buy with your prescription plays a vital role. In Australia where there are different types of medical insurance, your pharmacist plays a vital role in conducting an essential connection between you and your insurance company to get your medication claims covered. A good pharmacist can also negotiate on your behalf to ensure that your claim gets approved at an early date.  
  • Availability of the Medicine – Well, you must check whether the pharma store has all the medicines or not. One cannot figure it out at once but yes, after the first few visits and purchases, you would be able to find out whether the pharma shop has all the medicines or not. 
  • Dedicated Customer Service – Instead of seeking for a new pharmacist’s assistance every time you fall sick; it is definitely a bright idea to have a consistent and fixed pharmacist for opinion. A good pharmacy takes care of building customer relationship and this is the reason why they dedicatedly focus on every customer. If you are a regular one, it is indeed expected that the pharmacists will easily recognize you, and this definitely counts for an advantage while pharmacists’ advice you on medicines. They know your medical history, know which medicines on your prescription are of more importance, thereby will have prior stock of that, etc. this is what you call good customer relationship and dedicated customer service.  If you’ve found a pharmacy with a pharmacist and technicians that know your name, they also probably know your allergies and consumption habits, making it easier to answer questions and avoid dangerous interactions. So, from a dedicated customer-oriented pharmacy you can expect:
  • Good customer relationship
  • Reminder for regular customers for medicine stock
  • Fast service
  • Easy recognition

Final Ways to Check for Good Pharmacy 

  • You can seek for references for a good and reliable medicine store in your locality from a neighbor, friend, etc.
  • You can refer to Google or Yelp for information on nearby pharmacies.
  • Check for customer reviews, testimonials and feedback about the service of the pharmacies.

Recommendations – A good medicine store owner would be able to analyze the symptoms of the disease and suggest the right medicine. They should also have the knowledge about the salt composition which eventually helps in suggesting the alternative medicines in case of non-availability. Hence, relying on an experienced medicine store owner is always a good idea.

Lastly, judge by personal understanding, the service you derive from a pharmacy, starting from their behavior, to delivery of medicine, help with insurance or medical advice tells you the best if you can rely on them or not.