Stainless steel bars are metal bars made out of an alloy of steel and corrosion free metal for making them resilient to rusting and corrosion, and this also makes them much more sturdy and durable. These bars have clear advantages over other steel products and metal bars, because of its rust proof, stain proof, and wear and tear resistant properties. The unique properties of these bars have made them a favorite amongst manufacturers of kitchenware, building products, furniture, garden equipments and many more. Most steel bars are manufactured in easy transportable lengths, but custom lengths and sizes are also widely available in the market for the special clients.

Stainless steel bars can be manufactured in varied shapes and sizes; it all depends upon the customer’s requirements. These have found widest use in the culinary industry for being parts of worktops, tableware, utensils, cutlery, barbecues etc.

Being a part of the kitchen is not the only one aspect for these bars as they are equally useful in making a number of products like:

  • Parts and elements of automobiles and related industries.
  • Building components.
  • Home appliances, furniture.
  • Electronic devices including cell phones and more.
  • Medical and surgical equipments, laboratory equipments etc.
  • Chemical and fuel tanks.
  • Elevators, escalators etc.
  • Railway and subway structures, bus shelters etc

The list is never ending…

Stainless steel bars are made from corrosion resistant steel and are widely used in automobiles, construction and aviation sector where quality with durability is the major concern.

The manufacturing detail of stain resistant steel bars:

The key benefit of these bars is the non-corrosive property that comes from a highly durable rust proof metal- Chromium. Any anti-stain steel bar has at least 10% of the formerly mentioned metal in it. Steel is mixed with chromium and other rust free metals to produce the amazingly strong and anti-corrosive alloy- the stainless steel. These bars have amazing strength and can stand the test of time.  The bars are produced inside a blast furnace, inside which carbon electrodes are present which induce the proper mixing of the metals at an extremely high temperature. All the metals melt and fuse with each other at an optimum temperature to produce the stainless steel. This alloy is then transferred to another de-carbonization vessel where the bars are cast.

Composition and types:

Chromium is a genius metal with great polishes and luster, high melting point, and massive hardness. This metal has no characteristic smell or taste and can be manipulated easily to give rise to bars of different forms and types. Apart from this metal the stainless steel bars also contain varying amount of other metals like nickel, molybdenum and nitrogen. But the anti-stain property is imparted on the bars by the chromium. More chromium in the bars means more sturdiness. The bars have a layer of chromium oxide on them and are extremely thin which makes it invisible to the naked eyes. This layer is adaptable and heals on its own. Whenever the stainless steel bars come in contact with atmospheric oxygen they gain a self-healing ability.

These bars come with two different finishes- hot and cold. Apart from them they can vary greatly in surface textures and conditions; they can be made with different finishes as brushed, coarse, matte, mirrored etc.

The stainless steel bars have an added advantage of being recyclable which makes them environment friendly. Though these resistant steel bars have a high shelf life, but any steel bar can be recycled or used as scrap for making other stainless steel products even after the end of the shelf life.

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