Though people are promoting tree planting to save our earth and environment, it cannot be helped but to cut some trees that are found as obstructions. Some people will easily fall down trees, but will leave their stumps just like that. However, it is not wise to leave them as they are since after some years foliage will grow, close those stumps from view and people without knowing their presence will get hurt easily.

Removing them is not an easy affair at all. It requires professional help and tools to remove them safely. In taking out these obstructions, one has to think of three aspects.

  1. Removal: First one is the method of removal. Though there are many methods, chopping the tree to pieces is the best method. However, consulting a specialist is a must to do thing since many things depend on the type of tree and their placement.
  2. Ready of Site: Second one is the place where that stump so far remained. Even after taking them away, there will be a scar or hole on earth. Though that place is closed by some temporary arrangement, there will be an ugly space which will be unsightful. When specialists are engaged to remove the tree stump, they will arrange for an ideal landscaping idea that will match the remaining place.
  3. Safety: Last and the most important thing to think in this regard is safety. When owners will try to take away the stumps, then there are chances to face risks. On the other hand, when specialists are concerned, there is no need for worrying about safety. They know how to deal in the best manner.

Removing these tree stumps is a compulsory act since they are an eyesore for the place and they surely will obstruct any constructive ideas. There are several stump removal methods by which they can be followed safely.

Some of the popular methods:

  • Through hands: These are ideal for small trees. Uprooting a small tree with its stump can be done with proper tools and manual labor. Tools required for this work are digging bar, axe, chainsaw, pick mattock, length of chain and a four wheeler. Though the stumps are dead and they are still powerful due to their roots and their area they cover underneath.
  • At the first stage, the exposed parts must be chopped off using axe and chainsaw. In addition, they must be pried with digging bars and pick mattock. This prying will loosen the root tangles and will make the uprooting a lot easier. At last chain can be tangled securely so that vehicle can pull it from a distance to uproot everything completely.
  • Through grinding: This is also a popular method to take away the tree roots but ordinary people cannot and must not attempt this. Stones and other obstacles are removed; roots are cut down with axe into small pieces. Chainsaw is also used in this process so that grinding can be made easier.  Only professionals will do grinding of the stumps.
  • Through Burning: This method is carried over where grinding is not possible. To burn the stumps, holes are made around the area and are filled with potassium nitrate. Water poured into these holes along with scrap wood is kept on top of that tree root. Water is used to dissolve the chemicals. This type of burning guarantees destruction of entire pieces of the tree and after that complete roots underneath, now the bunt down pieces are removed.
  • Through Chemicals:  This method is a cheap one. However, it will not be done instantly. It takes its own time for complete eradication. Holes are drilled around the stump; potassium nitrate is poured into these holes along with water. This mixture is left for over one month. Stump will begin to get rotten and when it becomes completely spongy then it can be destroyed with axe. Adding kerosene can speed up the process.

However, people must think twice before cutting a tree for silly reasons. In case they cut some then they must plant lots of trees to compensate that loss. They must make it a rule or principle; then only their responsibility towards environment and their answering for the felling of trees can be meaningful.

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