When you plan to travel for a vacation or holiday in a caravan, toilets are a major challenge. Most of the popular websites always boast for a flushing toilet now-a-days, but the real challenge is when you are camping far away from a popular place. The strong smell, as well as messy emptying also adds up to the list when it comes to caravan. The Chemical toilets can be a great option in this regard.

A built in toilet in the caravan washroom is the most basic requirement. These toilets are manufactured by few companies. A separate waste holding tank or large tanks are supplied with wheels for easy transportation. A locked panel is provided to store where the cassette can be removed from the caravan or motor home. The toilet would be a tight space with electric operated flush in most of the washrooms of caravan. There are many things that are associated to the world of camping and caravan. Toilets and their holding tanks are available in various shapes and sizes that come with the basic bucket seat attached to a cassette unit having electric flush and ceramic bowl. Many factors determine the choice of toilets like the transport site, the waste volume that is likely to get collected, and the access to the electric supply to make sure that the toilet can be flushed. It is very important to read over the instruction manual for any style of toilet before you buy, and make sure that you understand each and everything very clearly along with how to use the toilet effectively. With these toilet facilities, the caravan would make a huge difference, either a happy vacation or a stinky one.

Chemicals used in the Caravan Toilets

The toilet chemicals work in many ways, and so a careful choice is required. The chemicals play many roles like killing the bacteria and germs, performing a biological action that breaks the waste material and also masks bad odor with fragrance and perfume. Lately all the websites recommend to use only eco-friendly chemicals. The waste tank needs a toilet chemical mainly as the waste gets accumulated there and has to be maintained odor free. With different forms of chemical available, the most traditional way is a concentrated liquid that requires water for diluting it. The most expensive one are the tablet form of chemicals. We can choose the chemicals based on the cost and their use in the caravan. If the caravan has flushing toilet which is mostly installed in the washrooms, then adding a chemical to the water in the flush tank is mandatory. Most toilet fluids and liquids are effective for maximum 3 days and so it is important for people traveling in caravan to empty it regularly by adding fresh fluids.

How to empty your toilet chemicals??

Firstly, the basic rule for emptying chemical toilets is that it should only be done in a designated place. For better hygiene and safety, the chemical fluid should not be emptied directly in to the sewerage system. Most of the camp sites have marked places known as a Chemical Disposal Point (CDP) which is popularly known as Elsan Point. The Waste should never be emptied in any waste water disposal point, and should be strictly kept away from fresh water point. If there is no proper emptying point then the only option will be to flush the contents of the toilet down a normal WC or else take it back home for disposal. By following all the points mentioned above your caravan vacation will become fresher.

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