Precision manufacturing has a vital role in process planning. In manufacturing some processes are sensitive and are at high levels. At a high detailed level, it is important to consider certain elements that are contributing to the precision or loss of accuracy in the process and that may influence on the ability to create features.

Role of precision manufacturing

Precision manufacturing is majorly used in the development and improvement of machines and processes of high precision. This manufacturing technique gains greater prominence in the last decade. Moreover, advanced technology products depend completely on more than one component that is manufactured to dimensions and tolerances in an even or micro nano technology aspect. Precision machining systems have a major role to meet the current growing demand in the manufacturing industry. With the forward look, atomic bit engineering that is based on scanning the tunneling microscopy is also focused hugely.

Precision Manufacturing and the Economy

To compete the world markets, manufacturers and engineers must think about an economical option in designing and manufacturing a product with best quality. Among automation and manufacturing with high precision, precision manufacturing widely uses for its integrated advanced technology. The economy becomes totally dependent and precision processes are practiced by most of the international competitors.

Before implementing precision manufacturing, it is imperative to know about:

  • How precision manufacturing fits into the engineering field perfectly and its critical role in designing a machine for manufacturing
  • Technological development that precision processes have experienced in recent years and its development in last decades
  • Know the importance of metrology and measurement in context of precision manufacturing
  • Role of sensors and how can that reduce uncertainty in the systems that are introduced by interfaces between process elements, machine elements and materials
  • Know the impacts of nano manufacturing that is already emerging and new on precision manufacturing
  • Adherence to this manufacturing techniques during the process of production to prevent waste and increase its interchangeability among the same types of parts and how can it lower manufacturing costs and increase quality simultaneously

Today, across the world, there is huge demand for products made using precision machining. This process of manufacturing is considered to be highly sophisticated, as it is derived from specialized genre known as, precision engineering. This method of manufacturing provides an introduction to engineering with an emphasize on performance and design of machine tools, tooling elements, metrology, machine structures, source of errors, and process planning featuring precision manufacturing. Besides, discussing on roles that this machining, design has influenced on manufacturing has paved way to technological developments in last few decades. Moreover, influence of need for sustainable manufacturing in precision process is also introduced in the industry.

With years of experience and use of numerous sources with illustrative applications, precision manufacturing has various applications. It is being the major interest to quality engineers, design engineers, manufacturing engineers and to those who want to learn more about precision manufacturing.

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