wonderful catCats are both social creatures and predators. Cats are usually considered to be very independent pets. They must have opportunity to express their natural behaviour. Catteries are basically for pet owners who want to leave their pets behind for a few hours or even days. But catteries also provide training, which is a boon for pet owners.

Catteries can also help your cats learn various tricks. Often it is very difficult to train your cat yourself. This process can be quite a task initially but you must go through it to make the learning easier. But you can send your cat to catteries for apt training. Basically you can leave your cat at the cattery for a few hours for training. This is a perfect solution for those who don’t have time to train their own cats. Not only will your pet learn some discipline, but they also learn skills that you may not be able to teach your pet yourself.

The following are some interesting tricks that your pet can learn at catteries

Handshaking trick

For performing this trick, the employees at catteries make your cat sit in front of you and touch its paw and say “shake” in a loud and assertive manner. When your cat moves its paw then take your hand and shake it. Smile and reward your cat with food. Practice this regularly in the exact same manner. Soon cat will start handshaking.

Waving trick

The catteries trainer or home trainer holds a piece of food in your hand and place it just above your cat’s head. When it tries to reach out for it, say the common “wave” in a loud way and move the food piece back and forth. In an attempt to reach the food, the cat will wave. When it catches the food and waves correctly applaud it. Repeat the trick in the exact manner daily.

Come trick

The catteries’ training is done during mealtime.. Every time you place the bowl of food, call your pet’s name. When it looks at you, shout “come”. The reward being the food itself will teach this trick very simply and quickly to your pet. Do not forget to praise and smile when it does come to you.

Sitting up trick

At the catteries, the cat is made to sit on a table or a stool and hold and hold the treat over your pet’s head. Command it to “sit up”. It is rewarded when it sits up properly and not when it simply grabs the food out of your hand. Again, like all other tricks practice regularly for best results.

Remember that catteries will never punish your cat for not being able to do what you expected from it. Rewarding is encouraging but punishment is discouraging as well as unessential. But by sending your cat to the right catteries, you can ensure they will be trained well. Though it may seem a daunting task initially, it is a must for pet owners who are unable to teach obedience and behavioural skills to their pets.

Hope you like the above mentioned tricks which help your cat to learn lots of things. If you want to know more then let’s go to the details.