Access control systems are used wide in small as well large offices to restrict entry of all. Since every office has restricted areas where entrance of public and all staffs is not allowed, in such areas one can definitely use locks and keys to protect and guard the area. However, keys and locks cannot provide absolute security quotient due to different reasons. Keys might get lost or stolen which in turn invites the hassle of getting new keys or changing the entire lock system. Besides this, keys are susceptible to higher risks of being copied.

Technologies behind access control systems

There are different technologies applied to form access control systems since different institutions demand different preferences. However the most common ones at a glance are:

  • Entering Pin Code or Security code through a keypad for access
  • A card reader installation where particular security code encoded access card has to be punched for access
  • Installation of a biometric system where entry will be allowed through retina scan or finger tip scan etc.

Once the access code is entered through any format the information is sent to the central module where it is matched with the electronic pass code and again signal is sent back so that the door opens. One can even install a vehicle access system by initiating a gate automation and control system. Reputed vendors and security system providers often have various options from which you can opt for a suitable one.

PC Controlled System

If you are expecting to set up an access control system for thousands of staffs in a large enterprise, a standalone system will not be sufficient to tackle the load. In such a case a PC controlled system is required. This kind of system has added benefits.

  • Track the access of staffs
  • Manage enrollment of new access passes and cancellation of passes
  • Pin code management
  • Scheduling of time zone for auto release of lock
  • Record entry and exit by staffs
  • Integrate access control system with existing alarm systems in the compound

The best part about installing this kind of security system is that it ensures that your premises are secured from unwanted intrusions. You can keep track of the entries and exits through security gates and therefore manage a stable security system. Besides that you can have complete control over entering new access passes or cancelling existing ones. This is necessary since enterprises often need to accommodate new joining and manage those who leave the company. You can contact with reputed security system providers and know more about available access control systems available in the market. You can relate your preference accordingly to get the suitable device and system for your company along with sustained support for your system. Among the various options the popular ones are web based access systems, managed access control, visitor management systems, etc. Thus, once you make the system a PC controlled one it becomes central and flexible in nature.

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