Driving a car has become a very normal phenomenon of almost all the people throughout the world. Car has gradually been promoted to an essential factor of our lives. So quite presumably car repair is also primary factor in order to maintain the continuity of their fast-forward life. But car repair could also turn out to be very expensive and you could be charged more for the work done. If you know what goes behind it then it will be helpful for you to save a lot of money in this process. Thus Car-Repair becomes as easy as driving a car.

Automobile repair shop:-

The damages of your car can be easily repaired in the automobile repair shop which is also known as garage. These garages can be again divided into several classifications. At first, there are motor factories or stores for auto parts who also provide service to the cars. This is very common in the US while not so in the UK. Most of the automobile repair workshops are operated business or independently owned. The OEM Car dealership sites along with many regional or national chains and franchises could also be included with them. The US follows these sites so commonly that these sites have been certified and their respective manufacturer provides warranty for that. That is a good progress in the automobile market and also enhancing by delivering recall repairs by that distributor or manufacturer. Further, strikingly the European Union is providing a recent law (The EC Block Exemption Regulation 1400/2002) which benefits the motorists to select where they are wished to get their car serviced.


The Automobile repair shops could also be specialty shops which are specialized in multi-functions, for providing special attention to major parts like brakes, body parts, mufflers, tires, exhaust system, air conditioner car repair, car glass repairs, and wheel alignment. They not only deal with specific parts but some of them also deal with specific brands of vehicle. Again there are some shops where you can easily get hold of modifications and customization of your vehicle.

Auto Body Repair:

Beautiful paintwork is also offered in the automotive workshop in order to repair the scratches, dents or any scuffs happened by mistake or any other damages caused by destructive accidents. This paintwork not only helps to hide the defected zone but enhances the style of a vehicle. A very unique method of paint-less dent repair has been introduced recently in many of the countries of the world. This process has been achieved by releasing the dents from inside.

Surely, you can call this automotive repair workshop as prevalent measures for car repair but it has got some disadvantages too.  A recent survey has showed that 27% of respondents to auto-repair shops were dissatisfied. So the best process and a newly introduced one is auto maintenance.

Auto Maintenance:

This method describes the process of inspection and testing the actual condition of the subsystems of the car or the engine and modification by replacing the parts and fluids when the car is due for it. This regular maintenance helps you to keep on checking the safety, drivability comfort, longevity and reliability of a car. There are many other processes for auto maintenance of your vehicle.

  • Car wash
  • Check the engine oil and replace if requires
  • Change fuel filters
  • Inspect windshield wipers
  • Tire balancing
  • Wheel alignment


  • Nothing is expensive than your life.
  • Check that the mechanic has got a complete idea about the damages in your car.
  • Change your oil frequently
  • Install new brake pads.

If you carefully read the above mentioned information, you will surely know the importance of car repair. If you still have some doubts and want to know more then click here.