cat hotel

The childhood days are great where people are taught to love all creatures and living beings. The moral motto injected within is: “All things bright and beautiful, all creatures great and small.”  And as they grow up, they tend to understand the true meaning of those phrases in literal sense.

CAT – a creature so small needs no less a comfort than human beings. In fact, it is said that cats are the “Seekers of comfort”.

So, how can luxury for them be far behind? Thus, came in the concept of cat hotel. These are temporary boarding places for cats when they can’t stay at their owner’s home, due to any reason. The owner may have gone for a vacation or may be the house is supposed to go under renovations; the cats need to be at their comfort best. So, the pets are kept in Cat hotels.

Cat Hotel – Basic Features and Services:

Irrespective of the size and luxury gradation in the Cat hotels chain, almost all of them meet the basic needs of a cat and plan out their Hotel business accordingly. The basic services catered by these hotels are:

  • Before reservation in the cat hotel, there are few things that stand as pre-requisites, the most important among them being the Vaccination information.
  • Once the rooms are allocated as per the owner’s choice and demand, the cats are sent in to rest in comfort. The rooms are meant just for the furry pet. If ‘she’ gets a ‘pink’ ambiance for her stay, ‘he’ can go for a ‘Blue’ too. They can enjoy an overnight stay or can stay for a long period till the owner is ready to take the cat back home with him. Wrought iron beds with thick mattress and soft pillows, a LCD TV fixed on the wall so that the cat gets the feel of a home, and these are a must-have in every room.
  • Each room in a cat hotel is cleaned and sanitized regularly keeping in mind the health and hygiene of their guest cat. Whenever the room is soiled, immediate cleansing is carried out.
  • There is a play area where all the cats can play for their enjoyment.
  • There are separate ventilation systems for the cats to reduce stress and the area is always kept at a constant conditional temperature, so that they do not face any problem once they move out of that particular place.
  • There is soothing music being played in the hotel, which is switched off at night so that the pets can have a sound sleep.
  • There are veterinarians in every cat hotel who would attend the cats if they fall sick.
  • There are various options in the food menu and the cats can be fed as per their taste and choice. The owners can choose the dishes and inform the hotel managements regarding the food for their respective cats.
  • A cat hotel is therefore tailored to meet the requirements that most cats have. They are given enough space to explore and relax in the cat rooms or suites. Being dedicated only towards the cats, they are kept separated from other animals, mainly dogs.

Cat hotel at times can be a bit expensive and do have a hard pinch on the owner’s pocket. The rooms or suites, in some cases, can have almost all amenities of any five star hotels. But when owners can afford a private jet for their cats, with a round the clock maid to serve the pets, affording a cat hotel is not a big deal either.

This blog helps you to learn about all the features and services provided by the cat hotel for your lovely kitty. If you would like to know more then you may go here to get some more useful information about cat accommodation.