Stainless steel or inox steel is an alloy which is used in many applications. Due to the presence of chromium in it, the alloy has the property to resist stain, corrosion or rust. It is best used when both the corrosion resistance and steel’s properties are required. Thanks to this alloy the food preparation apparatus are more hygienic, workplaces are safer and our buildings are safer and last longer. It is an eco-friendly material and has the property to recycle easily.

Types of Stainless Steels:

Depending on the microstructure, stainless steels are of several types.

  • Austenitic stainless steel: Austenitic is a flexible type of steel used in industrial piping, house ware products, architecture facades and constructional structure.
  • Ferritic stainless steel: Ferritic steels are similar to mild steels; they have a better resistance property. It is mostly used in boilers, washing machines, indoor architecture, etc.
  • Martensitic stainless steel: Martensitic steels are very strong and tough, and hence it is perfect for making turbines blades and knives.
  • Duplex stainless steel: Strong and flexible Duplex steel is a combination of both ferritic and austenitic steel. It is usually used in shipbuilding, petrochemical industries, paper and pulp manufacturing.

Uses of Stainless Steels:

  • The resistance to corrosion and it’s easy to use features, the alloy has countless numbers of utilization. It can be wielded into wires, coils, plates, sheets, bars and tubing, which are later used in manufacturing cutlery and cookware utensils, surgical instruments, household hardware, industrial equipments as well as automobile component and aerospace construction alloy.
  • Apart from these, it is commonly used in construction of water reservoirs and tankers for carrying orange, citrus and other edible products as they are resistant to corrosion. Food processing factories get the best use of this alloy as steel equipments can be sterilized and steam cleaned and surface finishes and paint are longer required. It’s defiance to oxidation makes it an ideal alloy for jewelry and making stylist watch.
  • It is used for buildings for both practical and aesthetic reasons. For both aesthetic and practical reasons, the architect uses it for construction of building and bridges. Buildings made from this alloy can retain the original state and appearance in long run because of its durability. Many of the world famous monuments, bridges and sculptures are made from this wonder alloy. Some diners and fast-food restaurants also use large ornamental furniture, fixtures and panels.
  • The alloys are commercially wielded as sheets, fitting, square and round tube and as flat and solid, round and square bar. The stainless thin sheets are available in many grades and designs. It is usually seen on escalators and in the doors of elevators. It is used in manufacturing medical and other equipments and consumer products. The steel fittings are used for joining pipes, equipments and appliances. The square and round tubes are used as pipes, building construction materials. The bar is also used in construction of large architecture structure.

Stainless Steel products are very useful and because of its non-corrosive quality it can be used for a longer period compared to other material products. The maintenance costs are very low and can be recycled again and again.

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