The design and décor of a house can change the way anyone thinks and can improve one’s quality of life by a mile. The flooring in any building whether it is residential or commercial, plays a very important role in the way it looks. Hard wood or timber floors add an air of sophistication to any room and it also provides structural strength. It is also considered to be one of the most popular choices for flooring in many places around the world.

It is low-maintenance as well as non-allergenic. Timber is also known to offer natural insulation due to which one can ride out all seasons in style and comfort.

Reasons to choose timber flooring

  • Aesthetics: Timber Flooring provides pleasant and welcoming ambience to a room. It gives a feel of warmth, beauty, comfort and class. In professional opinion, these floors are known to enable a spacious look wherever these are installed.
  • Maintenance: Hard-wood floors can be cleaned and maintained with ease because they don’t accumulate too much dust and dirt. All that has to be done is vacuuming, mopping and keeping the floor dry.
  • Durability and strength: Good quality timber floors that are well manufactured can last many generations and will never go out of fashion. They are tough, durable.
  • Intelligent investment: Selecting good floors can increase property value. It is a good long term investment and helps to bring better offers in case of resale.
  • Variety: Timber floors offer a wide variety, in case of finish, color and appearance.
  • Acoustics: If any property is installed with hard wood floors, there will rarely ever be any hollow sounds or vibrations. It is proven to give better acoustics to the homes.
  • Healthy air quality: They are a very healthy choice to improve the quality of air within the house, especially for those suffering from allergies. This is because; these floors do not have fibers that can trap dust, pollen or animal dander like in carpets.

Things to consider while getting timber floors

  • Size: There are different sizes of hard wood depending on the manufacturer. Modern homes have seen a rise in demand for wider boards as they give a more spacious look to the room. Wider boards from 130 mm to 180 mm are trending and are more expensive than the traditional 80mm boards.
  • Color: Flooring and color have great impact on everything else in the house. While selecting the color of the floor, the size and style of the house need to be taken into consideration. Darker colored floors look very sophisticated but they also increase the appearance of dirt and can make smaller spaced feel more enclosed. To make smaller spaces appear more lit and roomy, lighter timber should be used. If the décor includes dark antique furniture, installing floors of cool and pale undertones is not recommended. Lighter floors suit chic and casual looks and caramel mid tones suit classic looks.
  • Grade: Suppliers usually offer three grades of wood for timber flooring– select or light feature, standard or moderate feature and high feature. Light feature woods are more subtle and clean looking whereas; high grade timbers have heavier features to give them a more aged and unique look.
  • Recycled wood: Concern for the environment generally discourages many homeowners from opting for timber flooring. There is a way around for this by choosing recycled wood. These are taken from old warehouses and building and many people prefer these for the history that they offer. While choosing recycled wood, one needs to check the amount of moisture in the timber. If it is too wet, it can shrink to give gaps in the floor and if it is too dry, it can absorb moisture and expand.


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