The automobile company Alfa Romeo was founded in the year 1910 and since then, over a period of a century, it has become an iconic sign in the car manufacturing industry.

Alfa Romeo, with great features like unique style, striking good looks and the stroke of an Italian fervor, the initial Alfa 24HP designed by Giuseppe Merosi turned out of the industrial unit in the year 1910. Right from the beginning these cars have been considered a pleasure to drive and the shine of any garage. If you are having an Alfa car then it is important for you to give it the love and care it deserves. To do it in a perfect way, you need to get the best parts that will be not just effective but genuine as well.

Presently, the Alfa brand is part of Fiat and possesses an extremely flexible series of apex spec cars, in order to suit anyone’s choice and taste for beauty and excellence. Some of the best selling designs of Alfa are the GTA, Alfa Romeo Spider, the Giulia, the Brera and the Sport Wagon. The newest lineup from the year 2012 however embraces the iconic Alfa Giulietta and Mito Mito.

No matter whether you are having a brand new Alfa or a golden oldie, you are required to purchase or replace the car parts at some point. There are several alternatives available for replacing the parts of your Alfa Romeo car, some of them being OE, NOS, OEM, reproduction, and aftermarket replacement parts. To someone very new in this field, this may prove to be quite confusing. Thankfully, these terms are quite simple to understand and are clarified below.

  • Original Equipment (OE): You can find these car parts directly from Fiat or Alfa, or you can also use some second hand which can be bought from car dismantlers and further owners of Alfa.
  • New Old Stock (NOS): These can also be OE or OEM and car parts which Alfa is not supplying now, but they can be purchased from the dealer’s catalogues. The NOS is sometimes the way out for the substitute parts of the older Alfa Romeos.
  • Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM): This kind of parts comprises novel Alfa car parts which can be formed with the help of an outer maker. Bosch delivers the original oil injector for the entire Alfa Spiders series, so if you want to replace a particular part then you can buy the same from Bosch and it will be original if it is not Alfa branded.
  • Aftermarket: Aftermarket replacements are generally car parts which are being created outside the Alfa and Fiat facilities by autonomous producers. They are either used as replacements for Alfa car parts, which are now not manufactured by the creative dealers, or as enhancement on some of the original parts which might have been flat to breakdown. There are several autonomous suppliers who also create reproduction parts that match the accurate conditions of the new parts. These are in great demand now because of the fall of NOS stocks.

There are several ways through which you can buy Alfa car parts. All the parts related with EOM and OE can be directly purchased from the Fiat or Alfa dealer. Apart from this there are several aftermarket, OEM, NOS, and reproduction parts that are easily available online. These are reliable and you can purchase them online quite easily.

If you are looking for the best way to improve or spruce up the performance of your Alfa Romeo by replacing its worn-out parts with new ones, then it is very essential to go for a reliable service provider. Click here to get some more useful information.