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Brakes have always been an essential component of a car. Fortunately, with frequent logbook servicing the professionals can immediately detect faulty brake parts in no time. But, how will you know that the brakes of your car need repair or understand that something is wrong with the working of your brake. You must first realize the symptoms that portray your car needs an immediate brake service and here we are going to discuss about some of these symptoms that indicate that your car needs help from the professional.

Problems Faced with Damaged Brakes

There are many symptoms that are projected by brakes that have been damaged or withered with time. Some of them include

  • Strange Squealing Noise: When you apply the brakes of your car then you experience a strange squealing noise, well this is the first symptom that indicates you need to repair your car brake. The brakes have a wire that works as an indicator. This wire is a piece of metal that is fixed with the brake pads. These wire start to contract the brake rotor, but when the brake pads are worn out then this drastically affects the wire which later causes a strange squealing sound when brakes are applied.
  • Hard Brake Pedal: This is another symptom that indicates that you brake should be repaired. As soon as the brake pads tend to worn out this decrease their flexibility and makes it extremely tough to use them, this even affects the brake shoe and the sensors of the brake too.
  • Warning Light on the Car: It is yet another important indication that tells you it’s time to go for a perfected brake service. If the brake oil is less or if the brake oil turns old then there are warning lights seen on the car. This indication is often seen as a warning sign which is specially designed for those customers do not hold any type of experience about the complex mechanism of the car.
  • Pulsation of Brake: There is a simple hydraulic motion that takes place in the brake. But, when this hydraulic is affected because of damaged brake parts then the rhythmic pulsation of the brake is affected. This causes clicking sounds and even vibrations when you apply the brake.

What Happens In a Regular Brake Service?

There are just six simple processes that take place in a normal brake repair service.

  • The worn out brake pads are replaced
  • The damaged machine rotors are replaced
  • The old brake fluid is flushed and new fluid is installed
  • Metal contact points and capillary side of the brakes are lubricated using finished lubricating agents.
  • The brake shoes and other hardware are cleaned and adjusted
  • The brake sensors are examined and any technical flaw is corrected.

There are two types of brakes that are commonly used in cars one is the disc type of brakes and the other are the drum type brakes. Both have different mechanisms involved in their working, for instance the disc brakes have calipers, and these calipers coordinate with the brake pads which ultimately stimulates the rotors so that the vehicle can slow down, but in drum brakes the brake shoes are pushed so that they can apply pressure on the drum that is present inside the brake and this drum stops the vehicle.

One thing can be noted here that the brakes of the front part of the vehicle wear out quite quickly compared to the rear end. This happens because most of the weight of the car is centered to the frontier part of the car. This is the reason why experts always advice to go for regular brake servicing so that you can monitor the working of the brakes of your car.

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