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Routine maintenance and extensive car repairs are performed efficiently by any skilled and professional car mechanic, these activities are mainly performed by them using different types of mechanical tools. Such professionals deal with different kinds of vehicles, especially cars, trucks, SUV’s, sports cars, utility cars and much more. The vehicle systems differ from one automobile to another and thus the diagnosis systems also vary accordingly. This is the reason why various tools have currently emerged in order to deal with automobile problems.

To ensure safe driving you must maintain great safety as well as high functionality of the vehicles. This can be done easily by checking the auto parts regularly from time to time. Different protective measures are also taken by the car owners. Both simple and high-tech tools are used by the car mechanics for servicing and repairing varied car parts in an effective manner. The car mechanics must have a thorough and intricate knowledge about these tools so that they can provide satisfactory services to the clients. There are certain specialized tools that are mainly needed for meeting up to a variety of emergency situations.

What are the varied tools used by auto mechanics?

  • Sockets and wrenches are considered to be among the main tools that are found in the special tool-kit of a professional and expert car mechanic. These tools are sometimes required for catering to different emergencies or critical situations. Thus, they are always found within the kit. The fasteners are being conveniently and comfortably removed with the help of these specific tools so that different vehicle parts can be easily accessed, including those under the hoods and the interiors. Both metric and British measurements can be effectively taken by the same and these tools are required in dealing both domestic and imported vehicles. These commonly used hand-tools are now also available with some specialized versions like torque wrenches, Allen wrenches and oil-filter wrenches. The newest versions are mainly being used for removing some specific components.
  • The car brakes are being properly serviced by means of brake tools. Small spring-pliers are mainly used for small-spring disengaging that leads to the brake-assembly engagement and thus this particular tool is of great importance to almost all the expert auto mechanics of the modern age. Small components can be easily grasped within the brake assembly by means of vice grips. Hazardous brake fluids and brake dusts can be thoroughly cleaned using specialized cleaning solutions or products. In this case, having eye protection and using gloves is mandatory for maintaining safety.
  • Electrical troubles in cars are being detected and repaired by means of advanced electrical tools. Some of the specific components or parts are being examined through computers, switches, motors, wires and many others. Wire insulation is mainly tested for determining the voltage and amperage and ion. Some tools that are used in this respect are electrical tapes, wire cutters and wires.
  • There are certain large tools that are mainly used for dealing with different problems within the larger parts of a vehicle. The hydraulic or mechanical engine hoists can be used for easily pilling off the car engines with the use of pulleys. Gas tanks, exhaust systems and wheels of the vehicles can be conveniently operated and chains are used to gain mechanical advantages. In this respect, welding torches can be utilized for fabricating and repairing exhaust systems and vehicle frames.
  • The performances of car engines can now be effectively controlled by means of computers and thus the troubles can be perfectly diagnosed.

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