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It is true that a car with auto transmission can make one pay more money for the servicing than the manual transmission car. As it is an advanced technology the working of the system is quite complicated. The complexity of the technology is the reason behind this; the mechanic has to completely open the gearbox in order to repair the damages. As it is an advanced and complex technology the spare parts are also expensive when compared to the manual transmission. There are few common problems that can become a nightmare for car owners if not addressed at the proper time.

Let’s have a look.


If you want to avoid any kind of damage to the system then it is always wise to change the fluid after sixty to hundred thousand miles. Auto transmission generates a lot of heat during its operation and the fluid lessens pretty quickly because of this. Sometimes the transmission system gets overheated and it produces strong burning smell; this means that the fluid must be immediately changed. If the fluid gets rapidly diminished then the friction increases and this damages the transmission. It may result in complete change of the auto transmission. Changing the whole system costs a lot of money and this can be avoided only by changing the transmission fluid on a regular basis.


Leakage is another common issue for auto transmission systems. Usually, the transmission fluid comes in red color. So if you see that red liquid is spilled under your car then it is certain that there is a leakage in the system. It often happens that there is no visual sign of leakage but the owner has to change the fluid on a regular basis. It is also signals the fluid leakage. There are certain places where leakage can happen, and the most common leakage locations are speed sensor mount, the hole underneath the transmission box, and also the filler tube base. Sometimes traces of leak can be found in the radiator fluid too. If the transmission fluid level is not maintained then there is a high chance of leakage. In such case the excessive fluid must be removed in order to avoid such occurrences. A dipstick test can come in handy.


Chocked filter is another common problem of auto transmission. The sieves of the filter keep the transmission fluid free from minute waste particles for a stipulated period of time. It has to be changed after a certain period of time. After fluid and repair of leakage checking the filter should come next in the list. If one has an up and running filter then it can do away with a lot of transmission issues.


Auto transmission has another problem that is usually signaled by low sounds when the car is moving. This kind of continuous sound may mean that the fluid level is lower than required. But often this sound is generated from the torque converter; if that is the case then a professional should be called to look into the matter.


Another problem which indicates transmission problem is when the gear slips too easily. It happens when the flow of the fluid is hampered by some external issues. This problem mostly occurs in the winter.

Transmission system is one of the most integral parts of a car and such problems are pretty common in auto transmissions. But regular checkup and proper care would not bring in such issues. As changing auto transmission system costs a lot of money it is always good to take good care of the system. Let’s go to the details to get few more useful information.