If you are planning for a baby then there are several things which you must consider before the arrival of your newborn. In fact, before the birth of the baby the entire set of things, from toys to the nursery furniture, the baby cot and the linen has to be kept ready.

It is very difficult to decide on the perfect type of cot for your baby, as there are a wide range of products to select from. First of all, it is important to buy the cot from a renowned supplier. You can confirm the genuineness of the product by checking the BSI number, i.e. British Standards Institution BS EN 716:1996, this shows that the cot is having all the safety measures. Before purchasing the cot, it is also good to ensure that it is sturdy and strong and that there aren’t any splintered and cracked wood, broken slats or cracked, peeling edges or jagged points, sharp catches or screws, loose parts or missing knobs. If you want to take a movable cot then it must be easy to set up, lightweight, comfortable, and compact.

Below are some points which will help you to select perfect baby cot: 

  • A co-sleeper cot is a very lightweight, movable cot with a drop down side, so that it can easily be used from the time of birth to 3 years of age. It is manufactured in such a manner that it can easily fit firmly on the side of the adult bed. With the help of this feature you can comfort your baby without getting out of the bed. Co-sleeper beds are perfect for twins, because they can easily lie beside each other. Having a compact fold, this cot can be changed to a free standing cot, a travel or play pen cot, or a changing table cot.
  • A carry cot is considered as the most ideal baby cot for the new born baby. The best thing with this cot is that it can easily be moved from one room to another. Apart from all this it can also be used as a pram, a pushchair, and also for night time sleeping, car journeys and holiday travels. This cot generally has a fabric-covered hood, which is perfect for all weathers. If a particular mattress should be purchased, then it must be hard enough to carry your baby.
  • A baby sleeping basket or Moses basket provides a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for the newborn. These kinds of baskets are generally made from wicker, palm or maize along with the carrying handles, which is perfect for lightweight and easy transportation on a car journey or in the home. Wicker baskets are considered as the most expensive baskets, but the best thing is that they are very durable. The baskets generally come with their own fabric-covered hood, bedding and mattress. They are very easy to put on the floor or place anywhere according to the height of your bed. These sleeping baskets also assist in the alteration from crib to cot.

Baby cots are generally available in different sizes and shapes and can sometimes be used from the time of birth to seven years of age. Some are designed in such a manner that they can easily fit into any corner of the room, while there are others which you can convert into a junior bed. Most of the cots are available in drop sides, which would help you to fix the size according to your requirement. Some wooden cots have plastic railings to protect the baby during the time of teething.

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