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Planning your vacation along with your cats can be real fun. But, no matter how great it sounds it’s even tougher to take care of them. As when you have your cat along with you, then you would probably have to focus a various ground works that are related to the pet, which can even destroy your pleasurable trip. Moreover, there are several visiting areas or tourist spots which completely prohibit the entry of cats or any other type of pet. And definitely, you can never leave your poor cat alone at your home.

This is where the helpful cattery boarding comes for your rescue. These are the typical long term cat boarding organization that allows your cat to enjoy, play, eat and have fun.

Finding the Right Long Term Cat Boarding

Now, when you are about to leave your cat at some place for a long period, you always want to be sure whether that place is good or bad for your cat. Therefore, these tips will help you in finding the right boarding that is best suited for your cat.

  • Visit the Boarding: Before leaving your cat there, you must visit the facility and understand the services that are offered by them. But, prior to your visit you should check from the official site of the boarding, whether they allow touring at the boarding or not. On your tour to the cattery you can look for a few things such as how clean is the boarding, the size of the outdoor and indoor area of the boarding, litter boxes used by them, how caring are the staff members, exercise area and a lot more.
  • Medication and Health Monitoring: When you leave your cat at any place for a prolonged period of time the first thing that you want is that your cat should be healthy and receives the medication that it needs. Now, if your cat is an exception case then it’s always better that you talk about the medical conditions of your cat. Some catteries charge a bit extra fees for this, but they make sure that your cat gets what it needs.
  • Diet of Your Cat: We all know how fussy cats can be about their food, but when they are at a long term cat boarding then they are given the diet that matches up to the nutritional requirements of their body. If your cat is keen on having his/her own special diet then you can give that to the staff at the cattery so that they can give them during the cat’s feeding time. Moreover, you can even let the staff know about the food that your cat takes so that they can purchase that for your cat.
  • Emergency Care: Almost every boarding have their official veterinarian who works with the best clinical reputation. Therefore, before choosing a cattery for your cat, you can check whether the boarding comes up with emergency care or not.

Things to Do While Leaving Your Cat at Long Term Cat Boarding

Leaving your cat at an unknown place not only turns into a frightening experience, but at time heartbreaking too. Because we consider cats as a part of our family, and when they leave us then they leave behind an empty space, which is only filled when they come back. Therefore, the only thing that you have to do while leaving your cat at long term cat boarding is to be mentally strong so that you can enjoy your vacation and your cat can enjoy at the cattery.

Looking for long term boarding for you cat? Want to know more about cat boarding then keep in touch, you will have more idea.