When it is about arranging your RV (recreational vehicle) for camping or for a long road trip then there are many things that would come to your mind and there are plenty of gadgets in the market that will seem very useful. But there are some basic and primary commodities in the market that you just cannot ignore. One of them is a caravan fridge. While buying a portable refrigerator for your RV there are certain aspects like the features, size, power source etc. that you need to keep in mind. After all it is also a big part of the fun trip and it has to be the best in every way.

A fridge with 40 liter capacity is enough if you are only planning for a weeklong trip. This size is big enough to provide for a family of two adults and two kids. You can also opt for bigger size if your RV permits the space and has enough power to keep it running. One has to consider the temperature that you want whether one needs his/her food to be frozen or not should also be considered while buying a right fridge for caravan.  Let’s have a look at different types of portable fridges.

Primarily there are three types of portable fridges. Such are:

  1. Compressor
  2. Absorption
  3. Thermoelectric

Each of these types has their own unique features in order to cater to the needs of the consumers.

Compressor Caravan Fridge

This type is like the refrigerator that we usually have in our houses. It has a motor which pumps a fluid using 12 or 24 or 240 volts of energy. Gas cannot be used to provide power to this type of fridge. It has the capacity of 13 to 113 liters. It produces a very low amount of heat which means that it freezes the food much quicker than the other types. The noise is also moderate.

Absorption Caravan Fridge

Absorption type runs on 12 or 24 volts or on gas. The capacity of this type ranges from 39 liter to 50 liter. It produces low noise but more heat than the compressor type; this means that the food takes longer time to freeze compared to the previous one.

Thermoelectric Caravan Fridge

It takes 12 or 240 volts to run a thermoelectric fridge but then the gas cannot be used in this type. Unlike the other two types one can heat the food whenever it is needed.

However, there are also other things that one should consider before buying a caravan fridge. Long trip means storing quite a lot of food. Quite obviously the fridge should have enough shelves or compartments to store the edibles and that too in different temperature for different food items. The costing would be a bit high; but you can also use the insulated cover because this cover will minimize the quantity of work that the fridge is doing. The power calculation is another important factor to consider while buying a caravan fridge. Actually it is the most important part of all. While on the road one would not have incessant power supply; so it would be wise to calculate the supply amount and power consumption before-hand. To know how much battery backup is needed one has to first learn how much power is being consumed by the fridge in amp per day. If the average amp per hour is multiplied by 24 one would get the approximate amount. Then plan the duration of your trip and try to use the half of the amount of that energy. One should keep the battery on at least 50% charged always.

These are the basic things that one needs to consider before choosing caravan fridge. After all it is meant for fun.