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There are different kinds of trophies available in the market to be used as awards at various occasions. You will easily find a number of companies that are creating different and unique types of awards and trophies. These firms are experimenting with metal, wood and glass awards and trophies to come up with attractive designs which anyone would be glad to get as an appreciated possession.

What are the uses of glass awards and trophies?

  • Organizations: By organizations we mean government authorities, NGO’s, hospitals, etc. They also require appreciation of good effort and work and for that awards seem to be the best option.
  • Sports Activities: Sports is considered the most important sector which requires awards and trophies. The three top participants who finish on the podium should get recognition and they need to be congratulated for their effort to win. Thus awards and trophies play a very important role in sports activities.
  • Social Clubs: Social hosts who conduct several events too require awards to honor several people and recognize the effective work done. Some of the events like chess tournament or beauty pageants need awards too.
  • Corporate Affairs: It is very important to recognize excellence shown in this field, and to fulfill this you always need an award. For example, the “Best employee of the year” award is usually given to boost the morale of the employees. A member of staff requires both recognition and award for any good job done.
  • Colleges and Schools: Students that do very well with outstanding performances too require recognition. So, it is proper to award them with certificate or trophies.

There are different kinds of awards and trophies and some of them are discussed below:

  • Glass Awards: Glass awards are considered as the excellent options when organizing functions related to the corporate sectors. The name of the receiver and the company logo can be imprinted on the glass trophies. Glass awards and trophies are designed in several colors with the help of different colored glasses.
  • Acrylic Trophy: Acrylic is a clear plastic which is very similar to glass, but if we will talk about the quality then it is better than glass in several ways. The most common types of high-end acrylic being used are Lucite, Polycast and Plexi-glass. The best thing with acrylic is that it is 93% clear material. It is generally available in a very thick form which has a green touch to it and generally it remains very clear. It is quite easier to shape acrylic as compared to glass. Apart from this the material is also force-resistant. You can easily engrave anything on it to make it an attractive award.
  • Wood Plaques: Wood plaques are generally awards with a flat surface that can easily be hung like a frame or you can also mount it to another wooden base. Bronze plaques are also available in market, but wood plaques are a better alternative. Wood plaques are available at a very reasonable and affordable price range.
  • Metal Awards: Metals like platinum, iron, gold, bronze and silver can be used for the purpose of making trophies. You can also plate gold or the base of silver making. This is generally considered as the most favorite and top choice. The best thing with metal is that it can be easily structured and molded into any shape and it is very strong and durable which makes it last for a very long period of time.
These are few of the materials in which you can get awards and trophies. Get all the other details right here to know more about glass awards.