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It is indeed fun to become a Sunday market vendor especially when you are not a working professional. Flea markets or the weekend markets are the best way to earn some extra cash. If you have cool junk lying in your basement or garage, then you should think of getting rid of it. Everything that you own and that is legal to sell can be sold at the market. Right from toys to jewelry the list can be endless. Many college students and retired individuals make use of this opportunity to earn some income by selling things at the flea market.

Easy Directions To Become a Vendor at Sunday Market:

  1. First thing you need to have a clear idea about is what you want to sell? Unless you have list of items that you want to sell, you cannot hit the market.
  1. Do a little research about what gets sold easily at the flea markets. Check for the different items and the prices at which they are sold usually at the Sunday market. Then you will have to think about your interests. This way you will know what you are best at selling.
  1. The best thing you could do is start by selling what you have in your hand. Instead of investing money in buying new things and then selling, you can sell what you already have. You might have to check each and every piece for being in good shape. You will not want people leaving your counter for defective piece.
  1. If you do not have anything to sell then you can buy something from wholesale or online. Then you can add your price and resale them. Try out the garage sales or discounted store items. This way you can sell things at the Sunday market.
  1. When you are booking the market stalls make sure you look out for the ones that are nearby. If you are travelling too far you will not be able to make much profits. This is because a big amount is wasted in traveling to far markets with all the commodities. Hence cover all the locations that are within your driving distance and which allow you to sell items at cheap rates.
  1. Contact the Sunday market manager. Make sure the markets are open only during the weekends or on Sundays. Inquire about the spots available and charges for it. There might be stalls indoors and outdoors. They will vary in their sizes. Determining the number of supplies you have to sell, you can book the spot.
  1. Many Sunday market stalls have to be booked in advance. While you are making your bookings, you will have to learn about the market policy. Ask if the market will rent you tables or you will have to bring your own. Also what will be the payment system of the market? Do they have coupon systems or each counter will collect their payments?
  1. When you are setting your table, choose a professional name for your counter. Keep a chair ready for your comfort and a box to keep the money safely. Get good tags and stickers to put on the items. Make sure you have good packages to pack the items when somebody made a purchase.
  1. Apply state sales tax if needed. At times the Sunday market managers do not inform about revenues and taxes. At the end of the sale the owners of the stalls are bombarded with the amount.
  1. Arrive early as you will need time to set up your stall and put everything for display. Keep a track on your sales. Without the right calculations you will not be able to earn profits.

The above mentioned information intended for those who need to know everything about Sunday market. Let’s go to the details to get more idea about weekend market.