If you are planning to relocate the first thing that comes to your mind is how to pack your brittle items and kitchen gadgets as well as all your costly electrical equipments. The easiest solution are the numerous packing boxes which are available in different dimensions and these can contain everything-from a safety pin to even the most gigantic item that you have in your home. Consult efficient packers who can readily supply you with these boxes.

The standard packing boxes

1.5 cubic foot packing box: This is supposed to be the smallest packing box which is used for keeping light weight and small objects such as, books, records, food cans, shoes etc.

3 cubic foot box: These are generally known to be lampshade box naturally with their size, it is automatically understood, and what items you can keep inside. And the size of these boxes is exactly double from 1.5 cubic foot.

The 4.5 cubic foot packing boxes: These are quiet larger than the type of box mentioned above. One thing must be kept in mind, the materials used for making the packing boxes also matters a lot. The kind of materials used for making the box determines what you can keep inside. 4.5 cubic foot boxes are spacious but if the material of the packing box is made of light material, then you cannot keep heavy material. Perhaps you can keep lightweight pillows or bedding etc.

6 cubic foot boxes: This will be much lighter in weight; so packing heavy items won’t be a smart idea. On the contrary, using lightweight materials will be helpful.

Nowadays, one can order packing boxes from online shops easily; you just need to look for the right type of boxes that must fir your need. Depending on the size and number of equipment you need to pack, you can order it online or design your own!

Mirror moving box

This is a 4 piece packing box, available in small or large size; it can be modified as per the need. Crumbled papers or cushions can be added, if you are placing anything that needs such attention.

Boxes for packing clothes

The wardrobe boxes are ideal for transporting your clothes safely without any issues. These boxes allow the cloths to be kept in a hanger including metal bar on top, which further ensures the clothes to rest in hanger safely.

Packing boxes for dishes

Barrel or dish box is the packing box that you need to transport your dishes which need an extra care while moving out, and this type of boxes are known to be very strong and breakable items such as, kitchen items mostly, china cups and dishes, can be easily transported without any tension of breaking them during the transportation procedure.

Using bubble wraps

Though this does not fall under the category of packing boxes but it deserves to be mentioned, since bubble wraps are kept inside packing boxes of various shapes and sizes.  This ensures the products inside are safe and sound.

Duck tape is another helpful thing

The packing boxes needs to be perfectly tied and using plastic duck tape is the best idea. Various sizes are available, for instance, 1.5 inches to 2 inches vast. This kind of plastic tape also ensures that whatever is packed inside does not get out of the packing boxes at any cost.

With all the above ideas and suggestions, hope it will be helpful, while you are opting for packing boxes for any purpose, may it shifting from one place to another or just shifting your valuable items. Packing boxes are really useful and highly sought-after packing companions for storing and protecting your valuable stuffs. Go through this link to know more about Packing Boxes.