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With the rapid growth in automobile technology there has also been a change in the maintenance method. Like every other part, tyres have also undergone huge developments in the last few decades. Nowadays there are different types of tyres available for different vehicles, and so the clients have to be very careful while making a choice. It is very essential for those who prefer to buy tyres in bulk quantities to know how to store the tyres for a long time without taking a toll on the health of the tyres. Being entirely made of rubber along with other chemicals, these tyres need to be stored in a special way which means that clients have to follow certain rules in storing the tyres.

Different Types of Tyres:

As there are different types of tyres available in the market, the clients need to make a careful decision from the options in hand. Generally tyres are numbered according to their size so that purchasing tyres becomes easier. All that clients need to do is to tell the number while purchasing a tyre. The grooves on the tyres are made to increase their grip on the road surface, and the tyres for larger vehicles generally have deeper grooves than the tyres for smaller vehicles.

How to store:

  • Storing tyres in open air is not a good idea. If tyres are stored in the open even under protective covering they tend to decay and become increasingly inefficient with the passage of time. Hence, it is always better to store the tyres under a roof and with proper protective covering, so that they can retain their quality and efficiency.
  • The place where tyres are stored should be cool, dry, and devoid of any light. This would protect the quality of the tyres for a long time. However, the storage place should be well ventilated in order to prevent bacterial growth. Proper ventilation helps clients to keep the tyres in good condition for a long time.
  • The tyres are to be stored at normal room temperature. Storing tyres in a heated or chilled temperature is not a very good practice as these extreme climatic conditions can take a toll on the overall health and performance of the tyre. Fissures can develop on the tyre surface, thus making them less efficient and more dangerous. Hence, maintaining room temperature at the storage place is essential if the clients need the best possible service from the tyres.
  • Providing protection to the tyres from direct sunlight should be the priority of users. Exposure to direct sunlight can alter the properties of the rubber and also the other chemicals in the tyres. The tyres should also be kept away from constant changes in air. There should be no ozone generating equipment in the room where the tyres are stored, as ozone is particularly harmful for tyres.
  • The tyres should be stored away from chemicals, lubricants, fuels, and other solvents. These products have certain chemical properties that can be harmful for rubber tyres. Prolonged exposure to pure chemicals and other chemical containing products may take a toll on the quality of the tyres.
  • It is important to store tyres in a position that would keep external pressure and tension away. External pressure and tension may result in developing cracks on the tyre’s surface which is not a very good situation.

It is to be kept in mind that storing a tyre in a proper condition can make it last for a long time, and so users have to take every possible step to store tyres in the best possible way. Click here to get few more useful information about car service.