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If you have a pet and if its cat, then you must take it for a grand visit to a luxury cat boarding and experience a wonderful day. Cat hotel comes with services such as posh accommodation, and an exciting entertainment package for your cat. Overall, it will be a unique experience and a day filled with fun and extreme comfort. At the same time, safety measures and proper litter management is taken care of so that it ensures cleanliness and hygienic condition. When you are planning for your holiday, your cat must not be deprived of its share of fun and nutritious and hygienic food. Many luxury hotels that are meant exclusively for your feline friends, also arrange for great vegetarian and non-vegetarian a-la-carte menu which will make your cat happy instantly. The rooms that are provided are classy with the best touch of luxury and comfort, and most of the reputed cat boarding also plays soothing music to recharge your cat’s mood.

Regarding accommodations

Accommodations are provided as per the need of the visitors. Staring from deluxe suit with connecting door, luxurious suites, to penthouses- the list can be almost endless. Apart from room, there are exciting features for the cat’s entertainment, such as, climbing structure, cozy bedding facility and many more. Even many suites provide T.V viewing, bird viewing feature for the visitors.

Pamper your cat

You would definitely like to pamper your cat, and cats enjoy snuggle and fun games. Many luxury cat boarding provides variety of games for your pet, there are some common pet pamper sessions.

  • Brushing and quiet lap.
  • Cats love to chase, a separate toy house for playing chasing game.
  • Views of fish tank
  • And many more additional activities for the cats.

Meal for your pet

A luxury cat boarding offers delicious food for your pet. You can also choose the regular meal for your cat, if you don’t wish to give something that your cat is not used to. But it is better if you check about the food facility before checking in. Generally, a luxury cat boarding hotel does not let you down with their services.

It is better that, you should limit the amount of food, since, with the natural excitement, the pet may face some difficulties. Limiting the food as well as water helps to settle down your pet before the actual feeding time.

Special requirement and facility provided by luxury cat boarding

A luxury cat boarding focuses on staffs, who are trained for managing cats. Animal needs special attention, and in order to understand that, trained staffs are kept in such hotels. Opinion from guests is also welcome, in order to improve the services. If you feel like commenting on anything, you can freely share your opinion during your visit to a luxury cat boarding hotel. There are special needs that are provided in general, they are-

  • Emergency medical support.
  • Supplement for your pet.
  • Meal preparation for your cat.
  • Trained staffs to take care of your cat while feeding.
  • Daily brushing and washing the cat, in order to avoid infectious disease.

A veterinarian is also present, in case of emergency. Pets may require urgent medical help, for that reason, a luxury cat boarding provides such help anytime. Hotel authority may also keep information about the veterinarian, in order to know about the condition of previous condition.

A luxury cat boarding is definitely be a wonderful experience for you and your pet, and many cat resorts have come up with the idea of installing a device which can blow bubbles that smell of catnips. So start making reservations just now! Making reservations and booking everything prior makes your stay at the hotel, all the easier and a hassle-free experience.

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