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Flowers have been the most integral part of our lives since many years. It is assumed that the main reason to give flowers on funeral is to show your condolences towards the family of the deceased. But technically this is not the case. Scientifically flowers are used to control the foul smell of the body decomposition. But still this remains a social construct and we follow it.

In 1874 when President Andrew Johnson was deceased and was buried, flowers came to the rescue. The body of the president was not embalmed, and on the funeral date the body was in such a foul condition that the undertaker closed the casket and heaped it with loads of fragrant flowers in and around the burial ground to mask the foul smell. The beautiful smell of the flowers suppressed the entire foul odor enough for the funeral to take place. Since then having flowers around the coffin and the burial place has become a tradition.

In our times, flowers are considered as a way to express our love, respect and sympathy towards a person. It is a gesture of sharing and supporting the family in their time of grief. Flowers have been and will be a primary source of smiles and relief to everyone and hold a lot of importance in happiness and grief.

It is very important to keep some basic things in mind before deciding the right flowers for the occasion. The following points will help in deciding the perfect setup of flowers for a funeral.

Choosing the right flowers:

It is important to keep the following things in mind while deciding on the type of flowers to be used in the funeral:

  • Understand and research about the personality of the deceased and the family. It is a good practice to understand and know the favorite color or flower of the deceased or the family. You also need to consider the nature of deceased on in order to decide on the color saturation of the flowers. For example a bright arrangement signifies the energetic and charismatic nature of the deceased.
  • It is a good practice to consider the meaning of the colors while choosing funeral flowers. For example, white represents peace, blue represents comfort and so this combination could be an ideal setup of colored flowers.
  • Understand the religious beliefs of the family. Many colors are considered as unacceptable in certain funerals.

Determining the perfect floral arrangements

Etiquettes are very important in all the aspects of our life. It makes us a respectable and loved person in life. As etiquettes are important in life, similarly etiquettes are also important to choose the flowers that you use for the arrangement. These flower etiquettes define the use of flowers used in the arrangement on basis of your relationship with the deceased. The following things have to be kept in mind.

  • Large spray arrangements that cover the entire coffin should be used by those closest to the deceased.
  • If you knew the deceased personally, then you may send a different arrangement types including sprays and religious crosses. It’s important to consult the members planning the funeral in order to verify the appropriateness.
  • If you had a close relationship with the deceased, you can opt for flowers that depict the person’s personality, life, talents legacy.
  • Children and relatives of the deceased can bring floral pillows which show their love towards the deceased.
  • In case you are an acquaintance to the deceased, you can carry floral baskets to show your condolences for the funeral.
  • If it’s a child’s funeral, flower baskets in the shape of the children’s toys are common contributions.

It’s important to select flowers wisely for the funerals because the gesture of giving flowers makes an impression on the receivers end as all flowers and arrangements mean something.