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Mowing a lawn may seem like a simple task. All that is required is a good quality lawn mower. With it the task can be completed within a few minutes or more depending on the size of the lawn. Lawn mowing is usually done on a regular basis. The trimming and cutting of grass, shrubs and hedges not only keeps a lawn free from pests but it also lends a picturesque look to the lawn. Lawn mowing regenerates the growth of grass.

Proper Care for Lawns

A short cutting height for lawns can make them look manicured. Be that as it may, such styles require a lot of maintenance on the part of the owner. The health of the lawn should be taken care of so that the grass continues to thrive irrespective of their small size. Moreover, grass should be mowed in such a manner that it does not grow horizontally. Fertilization is another important aspect of such lawns. Lawns need to be fertilized once every year. The watering technique is another factor. Mowed lawns can become dry quite easily and suffer from draught.

The Frequency of Mowing

  • In order to ensure the health of the lawn, the frequency of mowing should be at the optimum level.
  • Keeping the height of the grass low requires that the mowing procedure be conducted on a far more regular basis.
  • Regular mowing will ensure that size of the clippings and cuttings are smaller.
  • This in turn ensures that the thatching of the lawn is reduced. Mowing a lawn filled with thatch can end up cutting into the sod and destroying it.
  • A lawn that has gone for a long time without any mowing will certainly look unkempt. The aim of lawn mowing should be to remove the minimum amount of grass required to give a manicured appearance.

It is better not to scalp a lawn very often as it may destroy the vital nutrients from the grass. Excessive mowing proves to be stressful for the lawn.

Elimination of Excess Thatch

All lawns tend to have a layer of thatch. In fact, thatch can be healthy for the lawns to possess. It increases the durability of the lawn and keeps it soft. However, if the thatch continues to accumulate then the lawn can become spongy. Removing the thatch will keep the grass healthier as well and promote their growth.

Thatching can be easily removed by lowering the height of the lawn mowing. Doing so will cause the lawn mower to cut into the layer of the thatch and eliminate it. The mowing pattern and technique must be varied according to seasons, and there should be plenty of water distribution inside the soil. Additionally, the removal of thatch should only be conducted during the spring season. The lawn will take time to recover after such an intensive procedure.

Repairing the Damage to Lawns

Poor lawn mowing practices can lead to extensive damage of the lawn. The lawns are generally damaged by selecting an improper height when mowing them. The height of the grass should be higher in certain conditions. They are mentioned below.

  • During warm seasons, an increased height ensures that the grass does not dry out quickly.
  • An increased height makes the turf more resistant to shade.

If the lawn is not growing properly, it will be time to adjust the heights to bring back the health of the turf.

It is easy to make mistakes when mowing the lawn due to its deceptively simple nature. However, implementing the proper procedures will help in improving the health and longevity of the lawn. If you still want to know more then let’s go to the details.