Do you enjoy having shots with your love?

How wonderful it would be if you are able to have shots of drink that you love with the person you love and that too in the glasses that you love?

Shots were generally of tequila and sambuka. As time prospered, almost all liquor was consumed in terms of shots. Custom shots glasses are simple and small glasses with a max capacity of 90ml, and they contain liquor that is directly consumed without any alteration or dilution. But these glasses are plain glasses made up with glass having a firm base.

Engrave your partner’s name

How wonderful would it be to have a glass engraved with you and your partner’s name? This brings the very excitement back to see your names, love quotes or special designs that you want on your shot glasses. This is now possible because many online marketplaces have started customizing these glasses as per customer’s requirements. Since shots have become a common scenario in most of the parties, these customized glasses take up a lot of attention. It induces an element of fun and excitement when someone sees a customized character on the glass.

Engrave your name

Various vendors provide the liberty to create your own glass by deciding what you want to do on your glasses. Many select engraving of their names, love quotes and other witty thoughts on these glasses. There are certain artistic vendors who provide this facility of glass painting by hands and make specialized shot glasses. There are vendors who provide a wide range of customizations and provide them the service according to their requirements.

Get tinted and glowing glasses

Since glass technology has done a lot of progress in the past few years, making tinted glass shot glasses was something very easy and catchy for the producers. Tinted glass shot glasses with the designs desired by the customers are very easy to get these days. With the more advanced research in glow in the dark elements, now it is possible to have your own shot glasses impregnated with a glow in the dark element. Such glasses give out a fluorescent when in dark and they are ideal selection for parties at night. This brings in a lot of excitement and surprise in the minds of the users and they intend to come back. The amazing thought of such glow in the dark glasses could successfully increase in the sale because then many people are attracted to that particular pub.

Ice glasses

It is also seen in some very cold regions, that these shot glasses are carved out of ice and can be cut and modified by the user as he wants. These wonderful thoughts and ideas are making the act of having shots a memorable experience to the users. Since the advent of LED technology, it has been one of the most easy, less power consuming light sources. Some vendors provide glasses where the firm base is impregnated with LED that glows in the dark. This carves a very good inspiration on the guests. So if you are looking for some glasses for your party, think of something like these. These will help you create an ever lasting impression in the minds of your guests.

Variety in shapes and sizes

Shot glasses come in nearly the same shape. Some vendors have experimented with the sizes and the shapes. Cone shaped glasses or skull shaped glasses are a common sight for many of the classy bars.  Glasses which change color when they come in contact with certain liquor are also common inventions of chemical engineers and the glass industry.

All these inventions and designs are intended to make your experience of having shots a very memorable one and this spreads smile on your faces.

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