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Our body faces many issues due to our age and lifestyle. They create difficulty in leading a normal life and this can result in many complications. Timely diagnosis will lead to quick treatment and this will also resolve the issues very fast. The Human foot is an area that bears weight and goes through much wear and tear. Constant walking could also lead to pain in your heels. With every step, heels soak the impact of your body weight, and pain can make every step unbearable. Treatment includes insoles and inducing heat therapy to heal the area. A specialist treatment includes the inclusion of padding or strapping that will help to fight the swelling in that area and keep well your foot health.

Treating the Corns

Callus form at the side and bottom of the foot. They occur because of years of pressure exerted on your feet. Corns are formed in areas that are subjected to pressure or bony parts of your feet. These become painful when you walk a lot. The cause behind them is hereditary, but there are also other factors like a faulty shoe design that increases the friction between skin and bony substances. It is a built up of hardened skin. These cases in podiatry could be dealt with by padding and in severe cases performing an operation to take out lesion.

The Fungal Nail

Apart from the issues related to pressure caused on foot there are also other ailments that can infest the area. One of them is a fungal nail. It results in thickening of toenails and discoloration. Your nails could scale or even come off from the nail bed. It could lead to bad odor, and when not treated this can also spread. The ailment could be a result of poor hygiene standards, and so treating it in time could prevent it from spreading. Most of the patients feel a certain degree of pain. Treatment in podiatry includes application of topical ointments, nail lacquer in combination with oral medicines.

A Fungal Attack

There are a number of complications that could arise from wearing shoes for long time and not considering proper means of hygiene. Athlete’s foot has symptoms like scaling of skin under your foot.  Small blisters, redness in the infected area are some of the common symptoms. It is a fungal infection and if left uncured it could also spread to toenails. The syndrome could be painful. Treatment involves many measures like topical medication. Some of the preventive measures prescribed in podiatry are changing socks daily and washing feet with soap. Ensure that your shoes and socks are dry when you wear it

Inflammation in Heels

Achilles Tendonitis affects at the back of heel bones. It causes pain and inflammation in that area. It is seen in athletes who go for exercise or regime like running without proper warm up. Though common in sports-persons, it can also affect others who are not involved in sports activities. The help of podiatry allows curing the disease. Treatments include stretching to provide relief in initial stages. Severe cases are dealt with laser therapy or shockwave therapy. There is latest option like injecting stem cell injections and plasma cells to the infected area that can heal the pain.

The Hammer Toe

Ill-fitting shoes could lead to many complications. One of them is hammer toe. It is a bony appearance that will form on your toe. High heels and stilettos are one of their causes. When you find its occurrence, switch your shoes to more comfortable ones. Avoid high heels and ill-fitting shoes that will not provide your feet with enough space to spread. The procedure of podiatry here involves padding and usage of anti-inflammatory medicines. The treatment involves X-rays to diagnose the extent of growth in the affected area. Severe cases may require operation and injecting cortisone injections.

These are the few foot problems in which podiatry play a very important role to give best treatment to the patents. Are you having foot issues? Immediately take an advice from podiatrist.