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As the name suggests, a mini bus or a micro passenger bus, or a mini-coach is used to carry both passengers and even things like cloth materials, bales of cotton or wooden items. Generally the mini bus or the mini coach is used to carry persons in a large number and in some parts of the United Kingdom the tem mini bus is also used to refer to the several passenger vehicles which carry people from one place to another. The curious fact is that, they are not small or mini, but they are actually full-sized buses only. The seating capacity of a mini bus generally varies in between 8 and thirty, but it cannot accommodate passengers more than that.

Where can you frequently find mini buses?

  • They are used as part of public transport
  • They are also used from the airport terminus, as transit buses between one part of the city to another, and also for carrying passengers to and from the airport.
  • Minibuses are also used by local hospitals, nursing homes, charitable units like social service organizations or ambulance services and transit operators. Here these buses are used for para-transit service.
  • They are also used by travel agencies and tour operators and organizations for taking their guests from the airport to the hotel, for local and national tours and sight-seeing and also for reaching the airport from the hotel.
  • Schools, institutions, corporate houses and industrial sectors also make use of the mini bus to carry their employees to their homes and also to act as a viable mode of transport between their homes and offices.
  • Cheap varieties of mini buses are also used for recreational purposes.

There are minibuses which are built for a particular purpose:

There are several bus manufacturing companies which manufacture these buses according to different purposes. They vary in size and shape depending on their usability and exact purpose. They are lightweight but still they can carry several passengers or else goods and materials as and when required. There are many popular varieties of vehicles and brands that are used as mini buses:

  • The MCW Metro Rider
  • The Mitsubishi Fuso Rosa
  • The Toyota Coaster
  • The Hyundai County

There are many organizations and companies which put mini bus on hire, and their monthly rentals depend on the performance level of the mini buses as well as the distance that is covered by the bus. These buses are generally not very expensive, and local and national bus services often buy a whole lot of mini buses, only to provide them to individuals or organizations on rent. Along with that, in many countries, along with the normal licenses, there are special mini bus license and permit which is mandatory for drivers and those who are the owners of these buses.

What to look out for while you hire a mini-bus:

  • You must see the company accreditations, certificates, registration number given by the motor vehicle authority, the license, expenditure and the permit.
  • You must check the company’s past records, and if you see that there are several complaints against the mini bus company, or if there are past records of many road accidents caused by their bus, then it is generally not advisable to buy the mini bus from that company.
  • You must calculate and compare the cost of buying your own mini bus or else, taking it on rent. If you find that buying a bus will be more profitable, then it is useless to hire a mini bus.
  • Try to locate the reasons why and how you are going to use the mini bus, and then hire one according to the size and level of accommodation.

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