Those in the construction business must know the importance of crane trucks. Not all contractors can purchase crane trucks for their requirements. Many small time contractors are on a tight budget and take the alternate approach. They resort to crane truck hire. Before hiring a truck, it is important to know in-depth what cranes are all about.

What is the primary use of crane trucks and what are the factors to consider before you hire them?

Crane truck is used basically to lower and lift materials in the construction site. This equipment with pulleys and cables is a derrick or a tower used also in heavy equipment manufacturing industries. In construction sites, cranes are usually erected as temporary structures that are either mounted on a vehicle built for this purpose or fixed to the ground.

There are many important aspects to keep in mind as you resort to crane truck hire:

  1. You must consider the liability issue as a crane can be potentially dangerous if left to an inexperienced operator. Usually crane truck hire deals include an on-site crane supervisor who is supplied by the crane owner. This supervisor is responsible for all the jobs done with the lift. Before hiring the crane, it is important to check if the crane owner is insured for loss of equipment due to negligence or third party damage.
  1. Many crane hire contractors are held culpable for bad lift information, inadequate crane operation conditions, unstable ground conditions and negligence.
  1. A lot of risk is involved in the highly skilled task of lifting a load using the crane. This high risk operation has to be carried out by well-trained operators to ensure optimum safety while the work gets done. It is a good idea to carry out the lift using a contract crane company rather than resorting to crane truck hire if construction contractors feel that they do not have the necessary competence.
  1. Crane truck owners mostly hold the hirers responsible for the equipment and operator from the moment the equipment arrives at the work site. Before signing the agreement, it is however important to ensure that the responsibility starts only at the work site. Sometimes, if the contract mentions that the hirer is responsible from the moment that the truck leaves the closest public highway, you may be liable for any event occurring on access roads.
  1. If you are using your own crane operator, it is imperative to follow all necessary BS7121 guidelines and also prepare a risk assessment and method statement for the lift. The operator at the construction site appointed to operate the crane must understand various aspects such as capacity of the crane, handling heavy loads, ground conditions and all other relevant aspects of the load.
  1. Construction contractors planning for crane truck hire must also have the proper test certificates and an expert in the work site who will conduct a thorough assessment to determine the exact type of crane you would need to hire. Operator you plan to allot operation of the crane must be checked to ensure he is competent to do the job safely.
  1. Including road damage, construction contractors hiring a crane truck must ensure that the insurance they take covers loss or damage to the crane while it is in their work site. Other aspects to be included in the insurance cover are possible injury to people working around the lift, injury to crane operator, loss of revenue through lost items or damaged items during the process of repair or replacement and so on.

Cranes are indispensable in construction sites. Irrespective of whether you use your own crane or want to crane truck hire, it is imperative to follow safety guidelines and to ensure that your workers and property are secure.