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Your car needs to get repaired and inspected professionally. Being a car owner, you know the importance of your car and it is impossible to travel regularly without the car. So it is necessary to maintain the car perfectly. The shining body of your car can reflect your personality but the inner parts like engine, carburetor, brakes, radiator, cooling system and steering should be maintained properly because these are the major parts of your car and you cannot run your car without these parts. There are a number of car brands offering different styles and types of vehicles but the basics of the engine are fundamentally same. Every car requires to be serviced after a definite period of time as well as after certain mileage of driving. The internal parts and engine as well as tires usually get depreciated after a certain period and if the movement of the vehicle is high and if they are not cared for properly, components can break down also. Hence, to avoid major expenses to repair car in a break down situation, it is better to avail a good car service frequently.

What are the car services available?

  • The servicing of a car means thorough checking of various functions and parts of the car. The parts which are more used such as engine and clutch plates as well as gears and brakes need more maintenance and you need to maintain the following things: Maintenance and replacement of the oil filter
  • Replacement of engine oil
  • Change of fuel filter
  • Cleaning or changing the spark plug
  • Changing the air filter
  • Check the level of brake fluid and refill if it is lower
  • Replacement of time belt
  • Check the brake belts
  • Checking the tire pressure and over all condition,
  • Check the headlights,
  • Check the movement and noise of doors
  • Lubricating the vehicle with oil and grease
  • The checking with power steering and its fluid
  • Engine and horn tuning
  • Checking the battery condition
  • Checking of other electric accessories condition

Why should you avail the car services?

If you do not check your health after a stipulated time then you cannot identify your internal problem. Like that your car also needs to be checked by reputed and authorized servicing centers and it will help you to maintain the car for a long time.

  • Proper servicing of the car also boosts efficiency and helps achieve good mileage.
  • It maintains the vehicle in a good condition that can fetch good monetary value while selling the car.
  • The most important benefit of regular servicing is that it does not make the car break down easily and keeps one on the road as and when we want. There are various service charges for various maintenance tasks in a proper garage but it is advisable to avail a complete car service at recommended intervals for consistent smooth running of vehicle.

It is suggested that you must avail the car servicing before going for a long road trip because you need to drive a long way and your car can break down suddenly.

Points to keep in mind:

There are a few points one must keep in mind while sending the car for service.

  • Keep all the accessories which are detachable at home only.
  • Write your name on the tires so that that it can be read easily.
  • Don’t forget to take all the replaced parts.
  • Use only original parts for the vehicle as duplicate parts may cause trouble.
  • After servicing, check all the required parts thoroughly and then only take the car back from the service center. In case of any trouble, immediate action can be taken there..