You will be able to get office partitions in a wide variety of ranges. Their major advantage is that they help you to create a stylish, sophisticated and a practically functional working environment. Partitions serve the purpose of room dividers and help to design separate chambers in a large office floor. Besides, dividing the large floors, they are also used in many other ways like protection from fire, preventing sound transmission to outside chamber. Below mentioned are the different types of office partitions that are available and are widely used in offices. Have a look on these.

#1. Composite Partitions:

Being aluminum framed office partition systems; they are usually made of lightweight plasterboard. They have a framework which is 50 mm thick. It is often coated with color to give a fine finish. The composite partitions can be formed of single or double glazed, depending on the requirement. These are quite popular in quick workplace designing as they are quick to install and also cheap on your pocket and relocating them is also easy. Asides from these characteristics one major advantage of these office partitions is that they are fire proof and provide much acoustic insulation.

#2. Cubicles:

They are the basic as well as the most common dividers and are also known as half eight partitions. They will provide you some privacy also. They are also easy to move from one place to another place.

#3. Glass or Glazed Partitions:

They are entirely made of glass and provide you a frameless appearance to the office interior. The panels that are used in this system can be of any shape, curved or straight. A major advantage of installing these office partitions is that they are able to create a bright and well-ventilated environment. They are basically available as single glazed units. However, the people also wish to have double glazed glass partitions for better sound insulation. If you wish to have some extra privacy, then blinds can be used in between the sheets of glass. You can easily relocate the glazed partitions when needed as they are fitted with the techniques which make it easier to move. With regards to your office, you should select a demountable office partition in your office fit-outs. Their use will allow your company to install larger office spaces so that you have an option at a later stage to change things over time and remodel your office space.

#4. Portable Office Partitions:

They are seen on rollers and they can also be quickly and efficiently moved from one place to another. When you install them as office partitions they will offer you with the least permanent solution for the office.

#5. Timber or Wood Partitions:

Timber partitioning systems serve as a practical solution to the working environment. They contribute in making a creative working environment. If your office partition has been made out of timber they are able to provide extensive range of collection with enhanced finish and glazing options.

Here are some of the Benefits of Office Partitions:

  • An office partition provides privacy to the employees.
  • Because of privacy employees feel comfortable while working.
  • Every employee will have their own personal space.
  • They are easy to install and create.
  • You can easily move them from one place to another.
  • They are available in a wide variety of designs.

Last but not the least, it becomes necessary for you to ensure that the office partition, which you buy are solid, durable and reliable. They should meet all of the safety requirements and come with a comprehensive warranty. If you would like to know more then keep in touch with us to get more information.