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Like all things caravans too require regular maintenance since they are used only during certain seasons and are not used for long periods. On many occasions when you want to use it you may notice that some parts or gadgets may require repairs they could range from refrigerators, television sets, plumbing systems or fittings like awnings, doors, doorknobs, or mechanical repairs like flat tyres, repairs to chassis or outer  body. If you want to repair your caravan all by yourself, then you must notice the following things are in order or not:

  • Wheels, springs and shackles for wear and tear
  • Outriggers, cross members and jack lubrication
  • Hand brake cables
  • External wiring and cables.

Such repairs will be carried out by mechanics or companies who specialize in their respective fields.

Which are the parts that need repairing?

  • Since the caravan is not used for a long period there is a chance that the gadgets fitted inside it may require repairs. Items like refrigerators, television sets, kitchen grills etc when not used for a long time may require servicing and in some cases repairs too.
  • There are many mechanics or companies who carry out these repairs. As per your instructions they will come to your site and carry out repairs there or take the caravan to their workshop where they will repair and also carry out a routine checkup of the gadgets.
  • In some cases the gadgets may have to be removed from the caravan and repaired at a separate workshop.
  • Checking of internal electrical wiring will also be carried out and in case it is found that any section of the wiring has to be replaced the same will be done.

a)      Repairs to mechanical parts

  • Just like gadgets, the mechanism of a caravan too requires maintenance and repairs since they are being put to use after a long period.
  • There are experts who specialize in the mechanical side of the caravan who will check the body and the mechanism of the caravan. They offer their advice if any part requires repairs or replacement, a thorough inspection of the body will also be done to check if there any leakages, formation of moulds and fungi.
  • Necessary repairs are carried out in case of leakages in the body and chemical treatment is done in case moulds or fungi are detected.
  • The ventilation and plumbing systems too require a complete check up, awnings are checked to see if they are functioning smoothly, kitchen sinks and drainage systems are checked to see if there is proper flow of water. It is best to get the caravan thoroughly checked up before taking up a vacation.

b)     Do it yourself

  • The other option you have is to carry out the complete check up yourself and if necessary take the help of a friend or friends who have a good knowledge of the subject or you can refer to DIY clubs or forums where you will be guided by more experienced members.
  • Since it is not possible to repair all the items yourself you may have to remove them and give them to an experienced person or workshop, in this case you will be saving the removal and fitting charges.
  • Smaller repair works like replacing or repairing upholstery, flooring covers, kitchen and bathroom taps, door knobs and handles etc., can be done by yourself with just the basic tools.
  • Interest in doing things yourself is the main reason that prompts many people to take up works be it in any field. The main motivation of doing it yourself is ‘if somebody else can do it why not myself’, and at the end when the work taken up comes out successfully the feeling of happiness at being able to do it yourself  cannot be said in words.

Keep in mind these things while you are going to repair your caravan. Check out these tips if you want to know more details.