Garden services are of much importance, if you wish to keep your garden in shape. There are many home owners who take care of their garden by their own, while there are some who lacks time to maintain a garden yet wants to have a lavish green garden at home.

  • There are plenty of professionals who offer garden services at quite an affordable price per month.
  • Garden services includes planting saplings, trimming the shrubs and lawn from time to time, watering them and several such things.

This service also includes planting row of selected flower and fruit trees. Professionals will tell you whether to plant fragrant flower bushes or you need to plant oak and large trees for getting better shelter in your garden. It is very important to understand that an unkempt and overgrown garden will look very bad, so you must contact professional garden services to get the best benefits of garden maintenance.

What are the common tools that the professionals use?

If you notice, the professional garden service providers always roam around with a big tool bag. The tool bags contain some of the very essential gardening tools; let’s take a look at few of them-

  • Lawn Mower

To maintain the lavish green garden, all you need is a lawn mower. The professionals are well equipped with mowers to keep the lawn grasses trimmed. Mowers are available in all sizes- while the bigger ones are used for commercial garden and field maintenance, the smaller ones are used to keep the residential lawn in shape.

  • Trimmer or shears

A garden trimmer is an essential tool that every professional gardener uses to trim the trees and shrubs. Professionals do not have to push it all along the garden like they do with a mower; you can carry it along simply.

  • Hose Sprinkler

Hose sprinklers are essential for watering your plants. The professionals attach the hose with a sprinkler and walk around the garden to water the plants. Not just the plants, the hose sprinklers can also be used to wash off the sidewalks in the garden. Many people use it for washing their cars or several other purposes.

  • Pruner

A pruner is a hand tools that professional gardeners use to cut bushes, flowers, fruits and certain things. Pruners are quite an essential tool in every gardener’s kit. If you want to plant trees or shrubs, you must know to what height they will actually grow, and so you need pruners for your garden maintenance in small residential gardens.

  • Shovels

Shovels are necessary for digging new holes to plant trees; even this equipment is also used to turn over garden soils. A garden kit is absolutely incomplete with two sets of shovels- one large and one small.

What are things you must look for in professional garden service providers?

  • Choosing the professional garden service providers is not at all an easy job. As you put in your search over the internet for the residential garden maintenance services, you will find many companies available.
  • It is wise to choose a company that has the reputation of providing quality services. Shortlist several service providers and talk to them in person. While you talk to the professionals, make sure you clarify your requirements.
  • There are different kinds of services that these professionals offer, choose the kind of services you want.

There are many companies that offer garden maintenance services in packages. You can select such packages if there is a need for it. The cost of the services provided by them is solely dependent on the area of the garden or the package you have chosen. Usually, the price for commercial garden maintenance and home garden maintenance services are different. You can take recommendations from your friends and relatives regarding the professional garden services, if they have recently hired such services for their home gardens. If you still want to know more then go through this link and get more information.