Sunday, that wonderful day of the week when all our work stops and it is a day of rest and leisure. Originally observed as a day of worship in Christianity, the seventh day of the week symbolizes a weekly holiday in western countries. The day of the Sun is the time to indulge in activities that bring joy and what better place to revel in fun and frolic but in a Sunday market. The amazing places where communities get together and have fun in the carnival like atmosphere of colorful stalls and vibrant shops, mouthwatering street foods and tempting confectionaries, charming trinkets and attractive artifacts along with the local specialties that are available for sale.

Origins of Sunday market

It is considered the term and practice of Sunday market has evolved from the public market of old times where farmers used to converge in market centers to sell their fresh produce to other vendors and consumers directly. The availability of fresh commodities at reasonable prices pulled one and all to these weekly gathering transforming the humble farmer’s market to a bustling melting pot of vendors and suppliers, buyers and entertainers, grownups and children, serious  consumers and window shoppers. As commercialization took over the retail industry, malls and shopping centers started fulfilling the shopping needs of people but the entertaining Sunday markets have survived in many locations and have now emerged as perfect tourist destinations and leisurely pastimes.

Perfect break from the hectic routine

Exploring Sunday markets are also a perfect way to spend the holiday by doing nothing demanding other than strolling along vibrant lanes and pottering around colorful stores, indulging in gourmet street food and pampering yourself with charming trinkets and whimsical fancies. Almost all culturally rich cities and townships recommend a trip to their local Sunday market to discover riches and traditional wares and cuisines that are lost in the hectic commercial world of busy modern times. Visitors and tourists visit these destinations to explore the true heart of the city while busy grownups go there to relive the charms of simple living while youngsters enjoy the vibrancy and tempting deals.

Sunday Markets In London Are Famous For:

  • Flowers on Columbia road
  • Farmer’s market in Alexandra palace
  • Gourmet lunch ingredients in Marylebone
  • Clothing and accessories in Brick lane
  • Local produce in Chapel street
  • Household goods in petticoat lane

The Chiang Mai in Thailand is called as the Sunday market on walking street and attracts numerous visitors to the old walled city region. Regular traffic is diverted to make way for a plethora of stalls where shoppers can browse the wares on display at a leisurely pace and indulge in good old-fashioned haggling and buy exotic goods at bargain prices.

The Fremont Sunday market in Seattle is considered to be among the oldest all-year round weekend markets while the one near Art center in Melbourne is a much loved weekly event well known for unique arts and crafts as well freshly made delicacies.

In addition to general goods and fresh produce of fruits and vegetables, Sunday markets all over the world are famous for beautiful handicrafts by locals and also the charming old world trinkets that find no place in the modern world of designer brands and contemporary styles. Street entertainers, musical shows, light and sound extravaganzas, local cuisine, street food courts, amazing sales and bargains and unique souvenirs are just some of the attractions offered by these unique carnivals like markets. Leave the hectic week behind and unwind with relaxing strolls and delightful brunches in these amazing hamlets.

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