Hospitals mainly use stainless steel trolleys for mopping, medicine trolleys, patient’s stretcher trolleys, stainless steel linen trolleys, hospital instruments trolleys, multipurpose instruments trolleys for hospitals and many more items for patient’s care and safety. Stainless steel with high quality steel is high in demand. They are highly cost effective. These stainless steel trolleys are amazingly durable, long lasting and eco-friendly. Under the guidance of qualified and every experienced set of team they are manufactured into trolleys of superior quality.


Stainless Steel Instrument Trolleys

Stainless Steel products are used by hospitals particularly in areas and applications where sterile environment or a high degree of hygiene is required. The operation room is a kind of a place and Critical Intensive Care Units need this utility. Other peripheral products that provide support during the operation are trolleys that carry surgical items to and from the room. Trolleys contain various types of instruments during the operation. Different containers try to hold medical waste that is generated during operation. Trolleys carry medicine to patients in ICUs post operation and help a lot during operations. The risk of contamination of these surgical instruments spread of infection is unacceptable, since it could prove terminal for the patient. Hence, these products necessarily need to be maintained as bacteria-free and as hygienic as possible. The level of hygiene required in this application is possible by cleaning with powerful chemical agents and disinfectant, which on protracted use would rust most materials.

Different types of stainless steel trolleys used are given below:

Instrument Trolleys: A stainless steel versatile trolley with many drawers. This comes with some guard railings on three sides that are mounted on a couple of castors for easy mobility. Different sizes of trolleys are available in the market. These are used to transport Sterilized Instruments to the Operating Room. Handles provided to maneuver the trolley. There are different types of Instrument Trolleys which is attached with a Bowl & Bucket which are used for transporting Sterilized Instruments to the Operating Room, then transport used instruments and Biomedical waste before post-operation.

Medicine Trolley: This trolley is used to transport Medicines to Patients in Operating Room and in ICU.

Mayo Trolley: This is used to carry the Instruments selected for use during the surgery. Their Height is adjustable with table surface made of stainless steel frame and detachable Stainless Steel tray to contain surgical instruments selected for use during surgery.

Basin Stand: This is used to contain waste generated during surgery. They are four legged and 2 bowls with spin section, which are made of Stainless Steel.


Stainless Steel Trolleys

Advantages using the medical trolleys

These trolleys look similar to the tea trolleys and provide the following advantages:

  • They can be assembled very easily and swift to take anywhere required
  • Their electro polished and high grade steel makes them extensively useful, convenient and ideal in hospital industries.
  • They can be easily moved from one place to another because of the wheels or castors attached at the end of the legs.
  • The locking system increases its safety.
  • These trolleys are very hygienic, sterilized and there is also not much need for the maintenance. That’s why they are widely used in hospital industries.
  • They can also be supplied with full welding done.

The marketplace of the medical trolleys is very wide. There are innumerable choices, styles and models. Therefore, it is important to jot down the purpose for which trolley is useful for the particular purpose. The hygiene quotient of the medical trolley is very essential. This aspect of hygiene should be of utmost priority. Everyone should make sure that the brakes and castors that these trolleys are equipped with are all in place or else the mobility and the control system of the trolley will become very problematic. These trolleys will also take less storage space, durability and the endurance of the trolleys is another important point to be kept in mind. The locking and the security system are also very important. Ensure that the security system is well equipped so that it is of use in time of emergencies.

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