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A physio is the physical trainer and the physiotherapist who coaches and trains players in everything related to injuries, shoulder and joint pains and how to get relief from consistent lower back or other body pains, by going through acupressure and acupuncture therapies. They give support, ideas and advice related to normal physical fitness and everything related to sprains, muscular problems and joint dislocations.

  • People can consult a physio when they suffer from any sprain or injury related ailments.
  • They also assist cricketers, footballers, hockey players and swimmers, and also other gaming experts, to live a life of complete fitness.
  • A good physio also helps new mothers to get back in their earlier shape, lose weight and lead a balanced life.
  • A trained physio generally asks questions about pain and then suggests the ways and remedies to get rid of the same. Generally he is interested about the nature of pain, and for how long the pain has been there. In case of persistent pain, you have to report about the nature and rate of occurrence of the pain, which can help the physio to understand about how to provide the necessary remedies.

Physiotherapy Treatment

How does a physio conduct a plasma fusion therapeutic technique to treat osteoarthritis?

Plasma therapy consists of blood platelets that are used to treat advanced stages of osteoarthritis. The physio will suggest you to go through the different phases of this treatment technique to get rid of potential joint pains and special injuries and cracks that may develop across joints.

  • The physio gives this advice in case of patients who suffer from musculo-skeletal or other orthopedic conditions.
  • This is precisely how a physio carries on with the entire process: if you have a tissue that has siuffered from sufficient damage, and if there are no ways to recover from this ailment, then the physio uses good quality platelets from the plasma tissues and injects these into the affected areas. As a result new collagen is formed inside the cells and the tissues are healed eventually. This is especially very important during the healing of burnt tissues or those that are severely affected due to any injury.

Physiotherapy Excercise

How to become a physiotherapist? Opt for the registered courses

There are many registered courses, where people can learn about and implement the physiotherapy courses. After the completion of the course, they can start their own clinic, or else, they can also get attached to any private or government hospitals.

  • There are different streams or specializations, according to which a physio can try courses linked to intensive care, geriatric medicine, sports and clinical physiotherapy, pediatric and neo-natal physiotherapy, mental health, women’s health, occupational health and everything related to women’s physiotherapy and wellness.
  • The physio is taught how to research the current trends in regenerative medicine, and how to opt for new ways of treating patients with multiple fractures and joint and ligament injuries.
  • During their career, the physiotherapists are also taught about how to get the treatment reports and how to circulate and channelize patient potential to contribute to progressive bone and skeletal development.
  • It is also the task of the physio to educate patients and to manage any type of clinical risk that might arise during a treatment process.

The key contributions of a sports physio:

The salary of a sports physio is comparatively more than a normal physiotherapist, as he has to deal with national and state level players, if he has to earn a good reputation.

It is the duty of the sports physiotherapist to include a strict regimen for the team players, so that they remain free from breaks or injuries during practice sessions, or when they are playing a match. Check this link to know more about physiotherapy.