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Concrete rendering is actually the process by which an application of sand, cement and concrete is applied to brick or mud brick that has been dried and made inside a brick kiln. There are times when the exterior brick walls of your home suffer from regular wear and tear due to weathering and climatic effects, and there are also times when leakage of water and dampness can be caused inside the brick joints. For that, concrete rendering can actually make your building last longer, without having to suffer major setbacks.

Multiple Features of Concrete Rendering and These Include the Following:

  • It can be used both on the interior and on the exterior walls. The quality of concrete rendering is decided by how you utilize the wall space, how you start the rendering process, and how you apply the coats of rendering on the walls.
  • Concrete rendering can look fine or rough, smooth and textured, depending on what kind of finish you want for your walls. If you do not have proper equipments like soft and long brushes, shovels, chisels, buckets, cement, paint and sand, then you cannot prepare a universal coating of concrete rendering for your walls.
concrete rendering

Concrete Rendering

What is The Ratio to Mix Concrete and Mortar While You Go for Concrete Rendering?

You can do the concrete rendering all by yourself, or else, you can call in the professionals to get your interior and exterior walls rendered. You can try out the following tips to understand the ratio that is used for mixing mortar and concrete:

  • The concrete mixing shall be 1:1.5 if you are using concrete that has sufficiently improved water retention capacity. In this case, the concrete gets dried up easily, and you must start the rendering work during the morning, as the concrete can get damaged due to the harsh rays of direct sunlight, during the midday or noon.
  • The ratio of cement to sand should be slightly higher if you want to apply concrete rendering for paths, extended driveways, patios and garden paths. In this case, you must also consider the quality of sand and cement that you are mixing. At present, the art of acrylic rendering has also become very famous, but the longevity and durability that you get from concrete rendering, is beyond comparison with any other type of house rendering.
  • You must also know how to mix clean drinking water for concrete rendering, as excessive amount of water can easily spoil the quality of sand, cement, concrete and mortar, thus leaving the wall to leak or swell within very few days.
Rendering a House

rendering a house

What are The Advantages of Concrete Rendering?

There are various advantages of concrete rendering for your home and office walls. If you have a workshop or a warehouse or industry, then also, you can use this rendering which will last longer. Apart from this, there are also other advantages like:

  • This type of rendering keeps your home walls safe from moisture retention, accumulation of molds and bacteria, and also stops any undue leakage or flow of water from the wall joints.
  • Concrete rendering also helps you to repair old and dilapidated walls. If you want to have a better resale value for your property, or if you want to refurbish your home, then you can try out the combination of concrete and cement rendering.

There are many companies which claim to do good wall rendering. But you must select only those companies which have experience in concrete rendering for homes. You can search from the local classifieds or from the websites that have advertisements on concrete rendering professionals. For more information you can check this link and get more information.