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French country décor and French provincial furniture are the best varieties of furniture in the world, and you can get the desired options from the online portals also. Right from the shape of the chair to the texture of the wood, the French provincial look is the ideal style for making your furniture.

Characteristics of French provincial furniture:

French country furniture’s are designed with respect to nature by implementing their traditional idea through designs which give a simple and cozy look. The furniture’s are made from natural materials like stone, wood, straw or rattans. They are usually covered by fabric of tranquil pastoral stones. The styles are based on the colors adopted from nature and flowers in the field. The style on the furniture features curved, delicate lines and carved details. They are distinctly known for their ornate carvings. The handcrafted beautiful patterns and curved lines make these furniture’s appear delicate and graceful. In general the natural material that is hand crafted with simple colors as well as carvings makes French provincial furniture warm, cozy and natural.

french provincial chairs

French Provincial Chairs

Common styles of French provincial dining chairs:

The strong characteristics of the furniture help in distinguishing the individual styles of the tables and chairs. The central entertainment hub of the home is the kitchen and the dining area. It is important to choose the best dining chairs that are suited to interior design of home and also to the lifestyle of the family. Common styles include.

  • Traditional tone
  • Country casual
  • Modern cool

The Dining chairs have a wheat pattern carving reflecting the surroundings in the country. The ladder back chair with rush seat is a popularly known French provincial dining chair. The finishing vary with colors over time resulting in patina that is aged and emphasis much on carvings be it painted or stained. French provincial dining chairs commonly represent the traditional style with dark and highly polished finishes, made from expensive hardwood such as maple, cherry or mahogany.

Key features of the French provincial dining chairs:

  • The style of the dining chair is based on the key features that include warm and inviting, Personal, All abut opposites and cohesive. These dining chairs reflect the personality and history of the French owners.
  • The French provincial dining chairs look bright and more attractive, if they have twisted legs, and if you polish them at least once after every six months. You can use wood for the legs and handles, and also choose high quality cushioning for a great sitting arrangement.
  • For example: stone, ceramic, linen, wicker and porcelain and even untreated wood and timber. Fabrics plan an important role in French provincial dining chairs. Decorating with linen and rugs, give a softer look to the chairs. Also natural and less-treated fabrics in soft white, blue or ivory or neutral colors appear beautiful.
french provincial dining table

French Provincial Dining Table

Fine embroidery and textured fabrics look great on this decor. In general use of bright colors and busy fabrics should be avoided as they don’t reflect the simplicity and strong sense of the French style. Select the right colors to reflect the surrounding landscapes. One can choose white, cream, earth tones and weathered metallic hues, the French provincial dining chairs are designed from this range of colors. A trending idea in dining rooms decor is a mixed set of dining chair.

However the chairs are made from a mix of antique or traditional style, mix chairs with different styles and colors. The unifying element is the table and the chairs share a singular purpose to seat people around the table. For better results, you can also contact the furniture designers who are adept at making high quality French provincial chairs and tables for your dining rooms.