If you feel that you are bored with your car or it looks like an old and timeworn machine or if you want to create a new look for your vehicle, then you can change the color of the car by sending it to the car painting shop. If you want to buy a new car, then you have to spend lot of amount and you can save this amount by hiring the car painting service. They will renovate your car’s interior and exterior looks and your car will remain new and shining just like when it was bought.

Types of Automotive Paint

Acrylic paints are less toxic than the urethane paints and they take more time to dry. These are specifically water-based paints. On the other hand, urethane paints are mostly preferred by the car painters rather than the acrylic paint because of their certain advantages. However, since they contain toxic elements they should be used with caution; otherwise they may result in various health complications.

Steps that are followed to complete the painting process

  • Ensure that the car is free from rust. It is essential to remove the rust or replace with a new metal before starting with the procedure.
  • Use a hammer and a block-sanding to straighten the panels.
  • After ensuring that the rust has been removed, and the panels have been straightened, prime the car. This helps the paint to have an even, stable surface to connect to.
  • Select a paint that has the benefits of protecting from the ultraviolet rays of the Sun.
  • Remove dirt and dust from the car by wiping it.
  • Then the base coat is applied on the car.
  • The base coat is then followed by clear, protective second coat of paint.
  • The car is then left for some time to dry.
Car Painting Service

Car Painting

Benefits of car painting

It is important to paint the car as it protects it from various hazards such as:

  • Bird feces
  • Road salt
  • Road grease and tar
  • Protect UV rays from the sun
  • Tree sap
  • Prevents moisture and rust to enter the surface
  • Prevents marks, cuts, scalds, and erosion
  • Resists dust to build up on the surface
  • Increases the life-span of the car
  • Adds to the re-sale value of the car
  • Encourages easy wash

Apart from all these benefits, car painting enhances its look by giving it a glossy, refined and elegant finish.

How important is it to hire a specialized car painter?

Although it is an interesting task and can be done by anyone just by following the steps, hiring an expert can outweigh your savings and time.

  • The professional car painting personnel are much more familiar with the local rules and regulations like for example in certain cities it is mandatory not to use dark tinted window glasses.
  • The car painting personnel receive rigorous training and also join the vocational courses.
  • The car painting personnel utilizes their knowledge and experience to make the chemical and paint combination in order to match the car’s present color.
  • The professional car painting personnel can save an ample amount of your time as they have the skill to get the work completed on time.
  • The trained car painting personnel uses best products and practices for painting the car. Thus, there is a less risk for damage.

Therefore, hire a specialized car painter can ensure that your car is in the safe hands and you can expect a modernized look of your car. You can search online for car painting services and you will find many painters there. You just need to compare their services and price range and select the best one according to your budget.