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It is a common problem that most public experiences that is an old tree stump in the backyard. Well, it is really not an easy task to get rid of it. Removing it is something that needs to be done with technique. Some people just leave it as it is for the very reason that is a tedious task to remove tree stump.

  • In order to remove stumps that have grown old, you need saws and other electrically-operated mechanisms done by professional stump removing services.
  • There are various factors that affect the removal of stump like how big it is, how old it is, which type of tree it belongs to etc. These factors will decide whether it is going to be easy or hectic activity.
  • Similar will be the case for the deciduous type tree parent because they have deep roots unlike coniferous which have shallow ones. The cost of stump removal depends on the varieties of wood and the thickness of the stump.

Remove Tree Stumps

Top five methods to remove stumps:

  • If the size is reasonably small, then best thing to do is manual removal. This will require minimum equipment like chainsaw, shovel, axe, and suitable cutting tool. Remember, this is only possible for trees that are small with shallow roots or rotted or diseased. You have to simply cut the upper part to maximum extend, dig around to loosen ground surrounding it, try to cut the roots from the main stump and lastly pull it off. This may require some mechanical help, like chain pulling with four-wheel truck because few may have roots spread largely underground.
  • It is any larger in size then mechanical elimination to remove tree stump is best recommended. You may not particularly hire external services but some equipment may be needed. Grinding machine is the best option when you have lots of them to get off. The basic idea is to ground the stump above the surface completely and then following procedure of hand digging. The principle is to shred of the bulky part that holds on to the roots. Once this is ground rest becomes lot simple. However, one can also leave it to the yard level so that they are easily seen. It is important that these grinding units is handled with all safety features and if there are any doubts then best is to hire professional user.
  • Another major method that is relatively easy is chemical removal. The logic behind this methodology is that the stump is forced to degrade using chemicals which weakens it. After weakening it can either scrapped off, burnt or dug off. Chemical used contain high nitrogen content like potassium nitrate. Holes are drilled above the sky facing surface. It is kept as it is for six weeks or more till it becomes fluffy and porous.
  • Burning it is also one of common process used to remove tree stump. This will also require drilling of holes over the surface followed by addition of fuel oil in them. Do not ignite immediately it can be dangerous fire. Leave it for few weeks so that the fuel is fully absorbed and then lit. This is again not recommended if you have kids or pets or visitors around as it can prove to be harmful.

There are cases when stumps can also start deteriorating naturally, and then the whole process of removal becomes easy. Naturally also they would start to deteriorate over a period of time but this can real long process. This is natural way but if it is strong and big then this option is not much feasible. It will then require one of the above mentioned treatments.