The importance of surgical and other equipment in a medical practice is not discountable.

  • Any treatment to be successful requires proper medical tools and other paraphernalia, besides the skill of the doctors.
  • A medical situation requires equipment at the stages of diagnosis, conducting tests like x-rays, scans, as well as during surgery and post-operation recovery period.
  • The patient beds and neurological tables were one of the most neglected items earlier. But with focused research into the factors, that gives the patient comfort, and lets the doctor examine and operate a patient; people have become aware of their importance.

Neurologica Table

Recommendations about Hospital Beds

Medical associations have put forward some recommendations related to the positioning equipment that medical institutions need to follow.

  • The recommendations are achievable and seek to achieve optimal level of practice. The medical personnel can adapt the guidelines about the use of neurological tables, to fit into various settings.
  • The association recommends the use of neurological tables in any surgical or diagnostic setting including operation theatres, ambulances, physician’s office, endoscopy suites, catheterization labs, radiology department.  The use of the right tables is necessary to prevent positioning injury to the patient, who is already suffering from pain.

Considerations for Purchasing Equipment

The medical personnel responsible for buying neurological tables need to take certain factors into account. The decision of the purchase of a particular product should depend on these things.

  • The first determinant should be the patient population at the health care centre. Whether the clinic is working as a diagnostic centre, a radiotherapy centre, a doctor’s chamber or as an operating room determine the type of tables you require.
  • The buyer must be aware of the new products that are on the market, as also the feedback about beds that are already in use.
  • The prime consideration should be the safety features of the positioning equipment.

Current Research on Products

You might need to buy new equipment to replace the old ones. Adding new medical services also require you to add new beds. In both the cases, you need to purchase new equipment. Research findings regarding latest neurological tables will help in your purchase.  You might find a new neurological bed that fits your need but is still in the trial phase. It is prudent to wait for a few weeks rather than buying something which does not serve your purpose.


Neurological Treatment Table

The Benefits of Neurological Tables

The surgical centres require equipment like general surgical tables and neurological tables that facilitate them to work with increased efficiency, thereby improving the results and saving lives.

  • There is a wide range of tables you can choose from having the required patient positioning features.  The neurological tables with electro- hydraulic working have manual control for the head and back section.
  • The tables also come with features like non-slip rubber covers, which you can clip to the lower side of the bed.
  • This protects the patient from slipping off while shifting or while making movements. Specially designed cardiovascular operating tables can be extremely low so that surgeon can work comfortably.

Prevention of Ulcers

Some patients need to stay in bed for a long time, during the recovery period after a surgery. In some cases, some form of disability or old age compels a person to remain in bed. The chances of developing bed sores and ulcer increase in such patients. Most of the times, a wrong bed is the cause of these lesions.  The capillary pressure in the body of some individuals increases if they remain in the same position for a long time.

A traditional bed cannot redistribute the weight evenly. Neurological beds with foam and padding have pressure reducing the capability and can prevent the occurrence of bed sores to a great extent.