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Weekend market is a place where any vendor can sell as much as they can especially to family crowd. Such markets are colorful attractions of any city or town and mainly attract tourists as well as local crowd. With mass gathering as high as in any such market, these places are a boon for vendors, especially those who aim at shopper families. A few points can help you set up your stall in the Weekend Market in such a way that it will help you attract family crowd without failure.


Stall At Weekend Market

Points to check before you set up your stall at Weekend Market:

  • Arrive and set up your stall as early as possible. In this way, you get ample time to set up your stall and the best spot in the market where your stall will be visible to the crowd in best way.
  • Keep yourself aware of shoplifters and thieves, as in such markets so many people look around to steal. Protect your goods from them.
  • Wear attractive yet comfortable cloths as they will sustain you the hectic day’s job and keep you smart looking as you do the business. A well-dressed shopkeeper earns more trust and are favored by floating clients especially tourists.
  • Decorate your shop as much as possible, as the saying goes in Weekend Market “first impression is the last impression”; make sure your stalls first impression is enough alluring to others, make it as colorful as possible.
  • Keep your lunchbox, water bottles and snack boxes with you. They will give you the energy as you keep on dealing with families throughout the busy day. You can also offer water to your thirsty customers especially families who are tired of ransacking the market for goods.
  • Keep some jars of lozenges, or small candies. You can give them to children or families visiting your shop as goodwill token or even if you lack one or two change coins.
  • Have very good idea of the market map. Try to set up your stall in weekend market as far as possible from your direct competitors. If all shops offering same products are set up in a line consecutively family shoppers tend to bargain more, so set up your stall at a different corner. The market is vast and hence less is the completion better it is for business.
Weekend Market

Weekend Market

Few Key Ways That Will Attract Family Shoppers To Your Weekend Market Stall:

  • Maintain Good Quality Of Products: Whatever may be your product, from garments to food, from antiques to furniture, ensure they do not lag behind in terms of quality. Try to keep product quality as high as possible. Always sell what you would want to purchase, in that way the product quality will be maintained.
  • Know What You Are Selling: Whatever may be the product that your stalls offer, educate yourself about them. Maintain count of products, and learn in and out of them. He more you can describe your product the more client trust you will gain which will in turn give you an edge over your competitors.
  • Keep Your Stall Organized And Clean: Make sure that everything in your shop is clean including the racks, shelves, walls and floor. Cleanliness always works beneficially for businesses. Make sure each and every item is displayed perfectly and neatly so that it becomes easy for the customers to check out the products.
  • Always Keep The Price Right: Price your products reasonably. Do not sell overpriced things to make more profit. That will actually corrupt your reputation and reduce your business. Make sure you sell each item at correct price.
  • Be At Your Best Behavior: At Weekend Market most family shoppers prefer friendly sellers. Make sure your stall has something for everyone, including children and parents. The best way to win the heart of such customers is by utmost polite behavior.