When an organization plans its office layout and   furniture, office partitions play a crucial role. Office partitions work out ideally in creating additional space in the office and offering privacy to the employees. This is often a boon to the employees as the employees can work in peace without any distractions and frenzy. Most offices that are planned and designed nowadays make sure they opt for these office partitions. These work out as an affordable recourse as compared to building walls. You can choose from between the Glass Partition or the Portable partition in accordance to your requirement and budget.

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Office Partitions

Here is some valuable information on the different types of office partitions available in the market:

  • Glass Partition: These partitions are made of glass and aluminum and are generally without frames. These can be bought in half or even full height panels. The installation of Venetia blinds helps provide the employee with necessary privacy and solitude. This type of partition allows light to enter but blocks out all kinds of noise. The cost of these partitions is different and depends on the size and the type of glass chosen.
  • Floor to Ceiling Partition: These partitions, as the name suggests, are of full height. Made of metal, the frame is covered with cloth. These partitions can be moved from one place to another or re-arranged according to one’s requirement. If and when not needed, these can also be conveniently removed without causing any damage to the structure or surroundings.
  • Portable Office Partitions:These types of partitions are normally positioned on rollers so they can be rolled from and to any place as and when required. These help create temporary arrangements due to their makeshift nature. These might not be very useful in either providing privacy or reducing noise.
  • Cubicles: Cubicles are the most common dividers used in offices. Commonly termed as ‘half-eighth’ dividers, these can offer decent privacy. These too, can be moved anywhere. Usually made of 4 walls, these cubicles usually provide work space that accommodates computer space, work desk and other related things.
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Office Partition

Benefits of office partitions:

There are multiple benefits when you opt for office partitions. Some of them are enumerated below:

  • Employees are able to concentrate better with fewer distractions. No employee would like a third person over hearing their telephonic conversation even if these conversations were official. The privacy offered by these partitions can be a boon for the employers as they can get their work done in a professional and adept manner.
  • These partitions help in noise reduction. This too, helps boost the concentration of the employee. For efficient noise control it is advisable to opt for full height partitions.
  • Partitions also enhance the way an office looks and makes the environment more professional.  These are available in different materials hence giving an employer multiple options to choose from in accordance to the interior décor of his or her office.
  • Partitions work well in dividing different departments and make it convenient for visitors to identify the specific department they want.
  • These can also provide additional storage space for the employees near their seats. You can think of baskets or pin boards in the different partitions or cubicles to make it more convenient for the employee.

With all these different benefits offered by office partitions, one can take professional help from the manufacturers to find and choose the right office partition. All you need to make sure is that the manufacturers are experienced and well reputed and can understand your requirement so that you are able to make the right choice between the various options. Ask around or search online for the different manufacturers offering services pertaining to office partitions.