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Every car or a vehicle comes with transmission systems that work as transmission of the car. This can range from automatic transmissions to semi-automatic and finally a manual transmission. Automatic transmissions change the gears in an automated manner to validate driving conditions. Semi-automatic transmissions is an automobile transmission that doesn’t change the gears automatically but helps manual gear changes by doing away with the clutch pedal at the same time changing gears. This system was used as a driving experience through fast overtaking steps especially if you are on a highway.


Semi Automatic Transmission

Benefits of having a car with semi-automatic transmission

  • A fully automatic transmission car is not as fuel efficient as a semi-automatic car will be. This is a far greater disparity for people that are fuel conscious.
  • Sometimes, when things get too complex, they fail. Some of this is true. This is the reason why for many others automatic transmission does not work. They are more comfortable with the semi-automatic version as this doesn’t change the gears completely. It only helps you to facilitate the changing and help the driving conditions. Some people feel more at ease with a manual transmission, some feel at ease with a semi-automatic one, whilst there are still others who want to stick to the fully automatic version of the transmissions.
  • Transmission is a part of the car and this is the one connection between the engine and the wheels of the car. When the car speeds up, the engine cannot do the same in the exact proportions and this is the reason why gears are there in the first place. These gears match the speed of the engine with that of the car and the wheels and make sure that we have a safe and comfortable drive always. Manual transition systems enable the driver to choose the gear and then match with the engine to adjust the speed in adherence to the driving conditions. Automatic transmission systems change gears in accordance to the driving arena. Semi-automatic version or the Automatic Manual Transmission is a parallel between the two extremes.
  • In the latter, there are gears such as the ones in the manual system; however, the clutch that is present here is not a typical conventional one. There is an automatic mechanism in the AMT cars. This is commonly known as the torque converter which gels well with the turbines and the fluids. When the speed of the car changes, it is the torque converter which changes the gears instead of the clutch doing so. Hence, the driver of the car doesn’t have to use the clutch to change gears.
  • The biggest advantage of this transmission system is that it is very easy to operate and it is more fuel efficient than the fully automatic version. There is freedom from manually operating the gears and at the same time the transmission systems are not automated completely.

The disadvantage of this system is the flexibility. The automated versions have less flexibility and the drivers who love speed and adventure find this to curb their passion for driving. Hence, for these drive fanatics, a manual transmission system is much better as this allows them room for flexibility. Again, sometimes the torque converter losses energy in the process and maybe in the long run is not fuel efficient.