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Volvo is a popular brand in cars and it is known for the luxurious and hi-tech cars with its headquarters in Sweden. Volvo has a series of automatic transmission cars that redefine the driving experience with automatic gear shifting. Volvo Auto Transmission is undoubtedly one of the advanced systems that is equipped with the latest engineering but at the same time auto transmission is one of the most sophisticated parts of your car that is highly vulnerable and in this way people can face a variety of problems with Volvo Auto Transmission Systems. Initially, Volvo Automatic Transmissions were designed and manufactured by ZF Friedrichshafen Company but now Aisin of Japan has been given the responsibility.

Volvo Auto Transmission Stick.jpg

Volvo Auto Transmission Stick

Transmission-An Essential Subsystem of Cars

A car consists of many complex systems that are perfectly engineered for optimum performance and comfort. Transmission is one of the subsystems in cars responsible for converting the output of the engine to meet the specific requirements of generating necessary torque and speed that enables the user to drive car smoothly and maneuver the speed. Auto Transmissions can be manual or automatic.

Automatic Transmission-An Advanced Transmission System

An Automatic Transmission also referred as self-shifting transmission is an advanced motor vehicle transmission that enables automatic changes in gear ratios in order to allow luxury drive where the driver does not have to worry about changing gear with speed variation. For your car engine to work efficiently there is a narrow range defined for every gear and thus you need to change the gears as you drive along and change the speed to achieve necessary torque and speed. Hydraulic Automatic Transmission is the most popular and commonly used transmissions.

One of the main reasons there are problems with the Volvo Auto Transmission is contamination of the Auto Transmission Fluids that can occur due to the abrasive bits that can mix with the oil. Actually, during the working of auto transmission, the system comprising of gears and engine has to handle a lot of heat, pressure, force and friction that results into these tiny metal particles getting rubbed off the surface of the gears. It is a regular wear and tear that you need to take care of by getting Transmission oil changed to maintain high performance of your car and also avoid paying for the major breakdown.

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Volvo Auto Transmission

Car Servicing Assures Smooth Operation

For smooth running of your car and proper functioning of Volvo Auto Transmission, you need to get the auto transmission serviced regularly. Experts recommend servicing at least once after every 25000 km or 15 months whichever is earlier. The actual servicing may even be required more frequently depending on the roads and traffic conditions that may require you to vary your speed to much in short intervals causing higher degree of wear and tear in the different components of auto transmission especially auto transmission fluid. Moreover, servicing will also depend on the model of the car as different cars use different transmission models. In case of any problems with auto transmission, it is highly recommended to get it checked at the nearest service center to avoid paying major cost or getting stuck.

Volvo Auto Transmission Car Service includes a wide range of activities including regular as well as some optional ones depending on the problems reported by the user. Most common activities include inspecting the transmission fluid for the presence of traces of metal or clutch linings and changing the oil if required. The filter is also replaced during the maintenance intervals. The technicians also check for any leakages or wear and tear of the hoses and seals. Once all the activities are completed, Volvo checks for the proper functioning of its automotive transmission system before marking service as complete.