Treatment for Alzhemer’s, Parkinson, Migraine and other neurological disorders have become very easy to treat because of the tools and equipments that have been invented in the last couple of decades. One of the best inventions in the medical equipments field is the neurological tables. A flat rectangular operation or therapy table proved quite cumbersome for doctors and therapists to treat the patients with spine disorders etc. The invent of neurological tables which has head support, chest support, back elevation system, separate leg support etc has made patients relatively comfortable and relieved from painful transfer from one bed to another. They are able to independently sit without a nurses help with the help of the remote controlled table. The uses are many and have helped both the patients and doctors. Patients to mostly be independent and doctors to diagnose the patients well and give effective treatments.

Neurological tables are extensively used for therapy and in rehabilitation centers. For patients suffering from neurological disorders or those that have undergone a surgery, doctors recommend using these tables. While choosing a table for a neurological patient, you have to keep in mind the height and weight of the person. On the whole, the person for which it is purchased must feel comfortable and can use it without much effort. As a matter of fact, this table is a widely used for neurological care in therapy centers. From minor neurological issues to major problems, this table can serve patients towards recovery and comfort.

rehabilitationNeurological Tables

Selection of neurological table

Neurological tables have emerged popular for different purposes. When people undergo physiotherapy and other forms of rehabilitation, the selection of the right table can make all the difference. Have a glimpse of the following.

  • These tables are used for carrying out different forms of treatment for neurological disorders. For rehabilitation and therapy during the post-operative period, these tables are widely used for the patients.
  • Most of these tables have the perfect height that allows the physiotherapist to reach out to the patient with ease. Not only this, the neurological tables are also useful for patients with little or no mobility.
  • These tables are designed in a manner for maximizing the comfort of the patients. For those patients with neurological problems that have to move in wheelchairs, it becomes easy for the healthcare provider to help the patients lie on the bed in different forms for the regular therapy needs.
  • You must consider the recommendation of a doctor before choosing this. Make sure that you have ordered a table keeping in mind the height and the weight of a patient. Alternatively, you can choose an automated table, it is possible to adjust the height in an appropriate manner.

More features:

The high end neurological tables have some interesting features:

  • Doctors and users can slide the table longitudinally as well as laterally. You can have a lateral tilt and control the back and elevation positioning.
  • Electro hydraulic operation is available with manual control to control and positioning of the extension on the head and back section.
  • You will also find foot controlled tabletop slide functions.
  • A non-slip rubber cover for safety of the patients can be clipped on the table.
  • All the controls are easy to use.

Additionally, some of them come with a future upgrade possibility. A few add-on attachments are sitting position forehead support attachments, knee chest position etc.

You can find tables with dual control as well. You have a remote control which can operate the table and also manual hydraulic operation facility to use in case of emergencies.

A broad imaging area is a very convenient feature for doctors which makes the repositioning of the patients easy during examination.