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At the very outset, you need to remember that different banks have different demarcations and fiscal derivatives to mark their lowest car loan rates. The standard, though similar and knit in one industry, have differing fiscal parameters. A comparative analysis of car loans alongside the various auto loan interest rates by banks will give you a firm insight into the context. The rate of interest also varies. The variation depends on the quantum of the loan amount, followed by the timeframe for which the loan is borrowed. Your basis of income like business revenue and salary follows suit. Keeping the diversified ambit in mind, it’s fairly impossible to draw one standard chart carrying all details of the lowest interest rate charged by banks across all categories and looped into one.

low-interest-loansLow Interest Loans

Knowing the best loans today

Interest rates for car loans are different from one bank to another. The rates are determined by the lending institution and they are updated time to time on a frequent basis.

  • Though it’s difficult to reach an accurate analysis about the lowest car loan rates, the parameters of invested amount, life cover and maturity amount in 10-15 years play a defining role.
  • There are banks that offer loans for buying used and new cars. Salaried employees, self-employed people and professionals are eligible for loans.. Proprietary concerns, partnership farms and companies cannot apply for these loans.
  • The maximum limit of the amount is segregated into categories like Type of vehicle, local vehicles, foreign vehicles, corporate entities etc.
  • The lowest car loan rates depend on the vehicle you are buying. It can be new car with a maximum repayment within seven years or second hand car with a maximum repayment within three years. A few popular banks provide loans between 2.3% – 2.99% rate of interest of new cars, used cars, refinancing or lease out options for a period of 5 years – that is 60 months. You can use the auto finance calculators available online to check out the monthly expenses you will be incurring towards this loan.

The other modalities

There are other loan schemes that entail the purchase of brand new MUVs, SUVs and passenger cars.

  • You can pay within a timeframe of 7 years sans any advance EMI and with lowest car loan rates. This rate is calculated on the routine reducing balance. Applicants can also take advantage of the optional coverage of life.
  • The rate of interest thrives on the tenure and for all tenures. As regards the loan amount, your net annual income plays a vital role. For a decent range, the 85% LTV includes the on road rates of vehicle.
  • This includes insurance, extended warranty, registration, annual maintenance contract, entire service package and detailed cost of accessories.
  • The higher income group entails 85% rate on the ex-showroom price and a reduced 80% rate on the on-road quote.

lowest-interest-rate-car-loanLowest Interest Rate Car Loan

Assessing the options

When talking about lowest car loan rates, the sole benefit of captive lenders is their ingrained capacity of tailoring interest rates and offering subvention packages to make the interest rates more viable and attractive. Captive lenders charge a processing fee, which is generally lower than other resources. Leading companies charge in accordance with market movement. You also have other offers like maintenance cost and finance with zero down payments. Premier brand like BMW have introduced 360 degree programs that guarantees an assured value of buyback venture of 57%. The hiccup of these low rates is that they are available solely for the cars of the company. They apply to select models which the manufacture desires to pitch for.