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Over the past years, bi-fold doors have gained popularity and serve as a great alternative to the traditional patio or sliding doors. They are a great add on to any housing or office space. The best part about installing such doors is that they provide a range of added benefits along with a touch of luxury. They not only help in expanding your living space but also bring comfort and convenience. This door is becoming an ideal choice among house owners mainly because of the smoothness and flexibility provided by it. Having these doors can help you to conserve space while making your house look elegant.

Bi Fold Doors

Bi-fold doors are normally used in the interior of the house. However, in the past few years, they are also used at the exterior of the house as an easy access towards the lawns or gardens. They look more attractive than the traditional doors which are commonly seen in every house. Bi-fold doors are mostly constructed of wood but can also be made of metal and glass. The glass panels can be attached together at many configurations. Such doors have multiple sections which fold in pairs and are fully retractable. They are also used in various cafes and restaurants where these doors serve as a passageway to the open streets when the weather is ideal. They have maximum flexibility as compared to other sliding doors. These doors can either be completely closed or opened or even can be opened partially depending on the comfort and requirement of the people. Their ability to connect the inside to the outside is what makes these doors unique.

When you think of buying these doors make sure whether they are made with the current regulations. House owners should also see if the doors are weatherproof in order to deal with the harsh climatic condition. The bi-folding doors are made of materials like timber, PVCU, aluminum, and glass. Out of these the PVCU is the cheapest but have fewer color options, whereas the aluminum ones are coated with powder and are available in different colors and finish. Other popular bi-fold doors are the louvered and the mirrored doors.

There are various added advantages for a house owner to choose bi-fold doors to be a part of their living space such as:

Bi-fold Doors

  • Bi-fold doors are a great way of bringing your outdoor area in, by giving easy access to your garden space. This exceptional technique lets the house owner enjoy being indoor and outdoor at the same time.
  • These doors help in maximizing natural light which enters our home no matter if they are closed or open. Getting these natural lights can also lighten up the dark rooms where a house owner can choose to spend more time.
  • These doors take very little space to open as compared to its traditional sliding doors. Bi fold doors offer complete sliding rather than sliding behind another window. This allows the benefit to open your walls completely.
  • They provide maximum security as compared to other doors. They come with a locking mechanism which is installed at multiple points in the sliding track.
  • Bi-fold doors are very easy to keep and use, thus requires low Generally, they require a regular cleaning with soap or detergent. It’s a non-tiring task for the house owners even if they choose to do it by themselves.

When you think of ordering bi-fold doors make sure you get advice from people who are already using these doors like your friends or neighbors. Online surveys can also be helpful.