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Are you living in cold climatic conditions and looking for the best wood fireplace, to bask in the warmth of the heat produced by the heaters?  Then, you need to do an extensive research to find the best heaters that let you regulate the temperature as per your requirements.  There are many people who are selling these heaters. However, you need to buy the best one that suits your needs and budget.  This heater creates a cozy and warm ambience in your house during biting cold season.  This heater produces real flames alike to that of a traditional fireplace. This does not just act as a heater, but also as a decorative piece that lifts up the beauty of the place. The best part is that, it releases just a little amount of smoke and is safe to use in the places where old people and kids stay.  Basically, the wood heaters will use different types of fuel.

However, you need to choose the one that is highly efficient and safe.  To be precise, these heaters will heat your house during extreme cold conditions and act as a beautiful showcase piece. The air intake vents and wood burn rate will keep the rooms in your house warm for a long time without you needing to add fuel or adjust temperature every day.  This lets you create coziness in your house with the electronic flames alike to that of natural ones.


Wood Fireplace

These wood headers can be either fixed in your living room or onto the walls to add aesthetic appearance to the place.

  • Freestanding convention heaters: This heater will have cavities around the box surrounded by a casing. Though, you touch the outer casing accidentally, you can stay burn free, since the outer casing remains cool.  The convection heaters equipped with this heater will transfer most of the heat through convection and rest through radiation.  These heaters will dispense the heat evenly throughout the room and up to a large area.  When you get in direct contact with this heater, you suffer less burn over the other modeled heaters. This is the mostly recommended heater by the experts.  This is lightweight, stylish, and heats up the house area quickly without emitting much smoke.
  • Fan forced heaters:  This heater is equipped with blowers to improve the momentum of convection process. This is perfect to distribute heat in large spaces.
  • Freestanding radiant heaters: This kind of heater will transfer the major part of heat through radiation and a smaller part through convection. This will spread the heat in the room in all the directors at a brisk pace. When you turn ON this heater, the ceilings, furniture and people in the room gets warmer quickly.  So, when you come from outside, you can sit closer to this heater to bask in the warmth even if the entire room is not warm.
  • In-built heaters: This is built into the walls during the construction phase itself.  However, you need to buy high quality heaters that meet the safety requirements to avoid putting the life of your family members at stake.
  • Insert heaters:  These are specially designed to install in the masonry fireplace.  This open fireplace will produce more heat throughout the room without the heat getting trapped in the masonry or wasted in the chimney. However, it is recommended to install a stainless steel tub from the collar of this heater to the chimney in order to attain high performance.
  • Pellet heaters: This kind of heater uses biomass and wood to produce heat.  These are mostly used in residential and commercial spaces. You need to put the wood in the container and let it heat to produce constant flame and maintain warm temperature inside your house.

Wood Heaters

However, here are a few types of wood heaters that are available in the market. In fact, many house owners prefer to buy one of the above fireplace for their houses.