In the field of medicine, there are numerous treatment methods available. Some of the methods are really very uncommon, and electrotherapy is one of them. Like the term suggests, electrotherapy is about the application of electrical energy as a treatment method. As a matter of fact, electrotherapy can encompass a wide array of treatment methods that make use of electricity to heal the body. To be more precise, the nerves and muscles present in our body are stimulated through the application of an electrical current.

This stimulation is provided through the skin by passing a very mild amount of electrical current through the body.  There are many advantages of electrotherapy of which the most important one is the lack of any side effects.  Easy affordability is another reason why the popularity of electrotherapy machines has increased a lot these days. From pain relief to healing, there are many ways in which these machines can provide a lot of benefit to your body. So, let us talk about some of the main advantages these machines can deliver.

Benefits of Using Electrotherapy Machines

Pain relief- At times when you have developed  a strain or sprain to your muscles, you will experience a lot of  pain and discomfort. Even though massage therapies and ointments are available to lessen the pain, they may not be very effective. Studies have shown that with the application of electrotherapy, the stiffness in the muscles can be reduced significantly. Electrotherapy can help neck and back pain that develops after prolonged sedenary jobs. When the tightness in the muscles related to the neck is brought down, it can prove to be quite effective in preventing the issue of migraines.

A lot of people also suffer from back pain, and this is more common in people who are more than 40 years old. With the use of an electrotherapy machine, one can get good relief from back pain. As a result, it can lower the chances of surgical intervention and prevent worsening of the condition.

Improved range of motion– As people get older, the flexibility, or the range of motion in their muscles tend to decrease. They are not able to stretch or bend easily due to stiffness of the muscles and tendons, but this condition can be reversed with regular treatment with electrotherapy machines.  Electrotherapy has been found to help restore flexibility of the muscles. The muscles that often get swollen can be restored to their original condition with the help of this therapy. In addition, the therapy involving the application of electric current can also prevent the wastage of muscles. In this way, people who are debilitated by a stroke or an accident can use this therapy to revive lost strength of their muscles. Electrotherapy can help rehabilitate people disabled by muscular wasting following accidents, fracture, surgery etc., faster.

Relief to cardiac patients– In hospitals, the use of electrical muscle stimulation is quite common when it comes to treating cardiac patients. It helps in adding strength to the heart muscles. People suffering from the issue of congestive heart failure can enhance their health condition with the regular application of electrotherapy machines. It helps a lot in improving the endurance level of the muscles.

Weight loss– Yes, an electrotherapy machine can also prove to be useful in losing weight. If you are having a high BMI then with the regular use of electrotherapy, you can lose a lot of fat. Electrotherapy in conjunction with regualr exercise and balanced diet will help cut down fat content in a short span.